[ns] SPIN Protocol

2011-07-13 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello I'm a new user of NS2, i have learned the basic principles of NS2, but the aim of my training is to implement the Protocol SPIN (used in wireless sensor network) in NS2, can any one help me? Cordially

[ns] A few issues (Routing protocols)

2011-07-15 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hi everyone Can anyone give me the methode to implement a routing protocol for WSN? i have 5 nodes share informations between each other, for example, if i have the code of AODV, DSR or SPIN protocol, how can i implement this protocol in this scenario? Cordiallay

[ns] NS 2.1b5

2011-07-25 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello How can i get the NS 2.1b5 version? May i install it in the same PC where the NS 2.34 is installed? Thx

[ns] Security in NS2

2011-08-04 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello, Can anyone help me to know how can i implement the security in NS2, like encryption or hashing, btw i have the C++ code of AES for example, but i dont know how i implement it in NS2 ... Any idea Thank u! Cordially

[ns] NS2 Error

2011-08-11 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hi All When i have installed NS2 in my VMware Fedora 10, i received this error: [root@localhost ns-2.34]# ns ns: [code omitted because of length] : invalid command name } while executing } Regards

[ns] Agent creation problem

2011-08-16 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello When i have created a new agent in ns2-2.34, the make depend and make options are passed succesfully, after that when itry to run my TCL code an error occur : ns: [code omitted because of length] : invalid command name Agent/TCP/Fack while executing Agent/TCP/Fack set ss-div4_

Re: [ns] Agent creation problem

2011-08-16 Thread Loukman NAJDI
and adding it to in NS. please read the needed changes part of it that explains how to add your new agent to ns. be lucky. your sincerely: Fahimeh -- *From:* nicholas mbonimpa nmboni...@gmail.com *To:* Fahimeh Akbari fahimeh...@yahoo.com *Cc:* Loukman NAJDI

[ns] Call AES fonction in NS2

2011-09-02 Thread Loukman NAJDI
Hello All I work to add security in routing protocol like AES algorithm for exemple, i created a new agent and new packet type, after this step i will add the AES in this agent. From internet i brought the AES C++ code, but i dont know how can i invite it from NS2. AES code, contain the