[ns] implementing ferry node

2011-04-02 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, every one I want to implement a special mobile node called ferry node this node is capable of solving the problem for intermittent connection by taking packets from source node and delivering these packets to destination node when it meet the destination node. this mean the ferry- has a

[ns] Error in classifier when enforcing the destination of the packets

2011-05-13 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi everyone, I'm trying to redirect packets from source to (another destination) in routing layer, but this error appear, any one have any idea? current number of current packet inside (rt_resolve) is  (1)--- Classfier::no-slot{} default handler (tcl/lib/ns-lib.tcl) --- _o80: no target for

[ns] A Modification on AODV

2011-05-21 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, As you know, AODV request the route only On DemandI want only one special node in AODV to know the route to all available nodes? any suggestion?

[ns] Sending RREQ periodically, any suggestion?

2011-05-22 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, I want to send out a RREQ periodically from only one specific node, any suggestion? I made a Timer, but How to loop through all the nodes in the network to send a RREQ for them if they are available.

[ns] packets drop IFQ END, please it's urgent

2011-06-12 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Why packets are dropped because IFQ END, I extend the simulation time but the problem still exist, Why do packets still in IFQ and not forwarded to destination? I also increase the size if IFQ in TCL simulation script. How to forward the packets from IFQ?

Re: [ns] cbrgen.tcl nothing is generated

2011-06-20 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
choice another rate ex rate 1, also you can take a look at cbrgen.tcl and see how that code generate a traffic file, it's simple and not that hard.   From: umair shah meetuas...@yahoo.com To: nsusers ns-users@ISI.EDU Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 6:02 PM

[ns] Error in Tcl script

2011-06-22 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, This error appear when I try to invoke discover_ferry{} function ns: discover_ferry   1 13 0.00 3 : can't read node_(1): no such variable     while executing $ns_ attach-agent $node_($src) $udp_($index)     (procedure discover_ferry line 6)     invoked from within discover_ferry  

Re: [ns] Error in Tcl script

2011-06-23 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
index } { global ns_ node_ ... ... ... } Hope it helps! Leo Sánchez El 22/06/2011 16:48, Mohamed Ibrahim Salman escribió: Hi, This error appear when I try to invoke discover_ferry{} function ns: discover_ferry  1 13 0.00 3 : can't read node_(1): no such variable       while

[ns] exponential distribution

2011-07-09 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
Hi, In a Network with a 40 mobile node, the used model is RWP. How to set the pause time for the mobile node to be exponentially distributed with a mean of 50 s.

[ns] changing communication range many times in the simulation

2011-10-31 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
 Hi everyone, anyone have an idea about how to change the communication range for a specific node many times in the same simulation? Thanks

[ns] god information

2011-12-20 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
hi my traffic file generated by scengen doesn't contain the god information ( $god_ set-dist). Does that matter?

[ns] movement pattern of mobile nodes

2012-01-14 Thread Mohamed Ibrahim Salman
hi I want to make a scenario where the network at first is partitioned and then the network becomes fully connected, where all the partitions become one partition. any one have any idea about a generator with this capability?