[ns] Denial of Service (DOS)

2010-11-16 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I'm doing a wide research on DOS. In order to simulate DOS, I have to build a network that shows a DOS case. (DOS is when the legitimate users can not access a service. for example when you request a web page and can 't get a response. this is because the attacker sending many web requests

[ns] How to access node ID in TCP model?

2010-12-12 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I'm working on TCP models and I'm edition tcp.cc andd tcp.h files. what I want to know, how do I access the node by its Id as I'm assigning in tcl for each node a number (as you all know). I tries to create an object from Node and access the variable nodeid_, however the returned value

[ns] TCP send and receive?

2011-02-16 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi , I'm doing research on TCP wired model. Can anyone tell me what is the function responsible for sending packets in TCP and receiving ? I found many for sending in TCP.cc file. However, it seems the one responsible for sending in agent.cc? Thank you in advance Regards, Mohd.

[ns] udp send and receive

2011-02-26 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi All, I built a model based on UDP protocol. Based on my scenario, I need to control the send and receive in UDP for specific flow. For example, I need to drop the packets after receiving certain number of packets from specific flow. As I know, I need to modify the c++ code inside UDP model,

[ns] Drop packets????????

2011-03-08 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I 'm working on scenario in wired network-udp protocol. Any help on drop packets other than drop (p). I tried this method drop(p) but it doesn't drop packets??? I sent this question many times, with no help! ANY HELP ON THIS PROBLEM IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. -- Regards, Moe.

[ns] Drop packet!!!!!

2011-03-08 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I've been reading the below blog : http://t-issariyakul.blogspot.com/search/label/NS2?updated-max=2010-03-08T02%3A02%3A00-07%3A00max-results=20 I found this sentence Note that drop(p) is a function of class Connector, and therefore must be invoked from within the scope of class Connector.

[ns] Send and Receive in NS2

2011-03-08 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I just want to understand who is responsible for sending the packets in ns2. In each layer 4 protocol ( TCP or UDP) there is a function for send and receive. However,I read in other blog http://t-issariyakul.blogspot.com. -that the function in Agent.cc is the one responsible for sending

[ns] Algorithm in NS2

2011-04-10 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I need to put specific algorithm in certain nodes. I'm not sure on which level I shall put it. In other words, shall I put in TCL code or in C++ code? My algorithm is very simple I just check the node id and add it to an array. Please guys, your help on this issue is highly appreciated.

[ns] Node ID

2011-04-14 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, I 'm modifying the UDP.cc code and I want to check at certain time in which node the packet in? I tried to use the source (src_) of the ip header however, it printed the source of the original packet. In other words, in the following example: A---BC A sends to C packets

[ns] node id

2012-05-29 Thread Mohammed Alenezi
Hi, In wired network ... how do I get the node id at certain timeIn other words, I'm adding block of code in droptail.cc and I need to perform some action for certain node in the topology. I have tried : Node * node= Node::get_node_address (1) int nodeNumber =node-nodeid_; It is not