Re: [ns] How to calculate the no.of data packets dropped

2006-02-26 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi event type = d will represent the dropped packet Sasan Hi I am simulating a modified AODV protocol on NS2. I used trace-all in my tcl file. Now, I want to calculate the no.of data packets dropped in the simulation. I am using cbr traffic on UDP connection (traffic generated by

[ns] Compiling error NS-2 on Solaris 9

2006-02-27 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, I get the following when compiling on Solaris 9. Which header should I replace? Any comments? idea? will be very appreciated. Undefined first referenced symbol in file operator new[](unsigned)tools/ranvar.o operator

Re: [ns] Compiling error NS-2 on Solaris 9

2006-03-01 Thread Sasan Sahraei
what do you think? the compiler is g++ Thanks, Sasan On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:39:04 - (GMT), Sasan Sahraei wrote I get the following when compiling on Solaris 9. Which header should I replace? Any comments? idea? will be very appreciated. I got similar problem under HP-UX, but ot exactly

Re: [ns] CBR over TCP ?

2006-03-01 Thread Sasan Sahraei
you can attach both agents and perform an analysis, its just TCP introduces its own delay due to estimation or calculation of the best time for transmission, nothing stops you from using both. S. I got similar question as Alaeddine. For example, if I want to compare the performance of TCP

Re: [ns] Problem with handoff between 802.11 and UMTS

2006-03-02 Thread Sasan Sahraei
UMTS air interface is CDMA based, is this supported by NS-2? I doubt it S. Dear all: I patched ns-eurane-111.diff.gz(UMTS) for clean ns-2.28. Then I want to see how a mobile node handoff from 802.11 to UMTS (on sctp). But I am not familiar with UMTS system .So I have no idea to

[ns] propagation model

2006-03-02 Thread Sasan Sahraei
All, Is it possible to support multiple propagation model? is this a good design choice as if the d become or cross-over distance , it would make a possibillity of more packet processing by MAC layer? If so, how could it be done when configuring a node in Tcl? Thanks, S.

[ns] I am seeing 0 overhead - why?

2006-03-09 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, I have a script that is running the following commands to generate traffic pattern and movement scenario but when using AODV, my simulation shows 0 overhead when running with either of the generated files. as you see each of the commands below have a set of variables. just replace then

Re: [ns] I am seeing 0 overhead - why?

2006-03-12 Thread Sasan Sahraei
to this also overhead will be very less. Hope this will help Regards Anupama A On 3/10/06, Sasan Sahraei [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I have a script that is running the following commands to generate traffic pattern and movement scenario but when using AODV, my simulation shows 0

[ns] Simulating using TORA fails

2006-03-12 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, I am using wireless1.tcl provided by the tutorial. I have changed the routing protocol to TORA but I get the following error. anyone has ever seen this? any help would be appreciated INITIALIZE THE LIST xListHead (_o17 cmd line 1) invoked from within _o17 cmd port-dmux _o28

Re: [ns] Help: Setdest Command

2006-03-13 Thread Sasan Sahraei
one thing you can do is to delete any (object files) .o files from setdest directory and run make again. this will definitly generate the binary for you. Hi, I would like to ask regarding setdest command. In the tutorial it says that: In order to compile the revised do the

Re: [ns] problem executing wireless examples[uegent]

2006-03-13 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Its not a bug, your path to the script files needs to be modified, make sure your script is pointing to the correct location of the traffic pattern or movement scenario files. you can also modify the path and use the path exclusively. Sasan   hi all i m facing following type of errors and

[ns] ABR Implementation for NS-2

2006-03-20 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, Is there any ABR implementation for NS-2 available? Has anyone used this algorithm recently? Thanks, Sasan

[ns] Multiple Propagation Models

2006-03-26 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, How is it possible to have two propagation models for different distances? i.e. set twgProp [new Propagation/TwoRayGround] // setting parameter set badProp [new Propagation/Shadowing] // setting paraemters and then a third one and calling add-models to contain both? It there a

[ns] Two questions - Node id and path optimality calculation

2006-03-29 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, According to the manual -Hd represents the next hop towards the destination. In my trace file -Hd is mainlly equal to -2. i.e. r -t 30.106683874 -Hs 44 -Hd -2 -Ni 44 -Nx 1254.06 -Ny 25.52 -Nz 0.00 -Ne -1.00 -Nl RTR -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md -Ms 2e -Mt 800 -Is 46.255 -Id -1.255 -It

[ns] NS hangs with certain physical layer settings

2006-04-01 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, When I set the physical layer parameters as below, ns hangs when ONLY using DSDV Phy/WirelessPhy set CPThresh_ 10.0 Phy/WirelessPhy set CSThresh_ 1.559e-11 Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 3.652e-10 --- note this one Phy/WirelessPhy set bandwidth_ 2e6 Phy/WirelessPhy set Pt_ 0.2818

[ns] DSDV in inifite loop with certain physical layer threshold - help

2006-04-04 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, In DSDV, when using Phy/WirelessPhy set RXThresh_ 3.652e-10 I always get the rtable metrics = 250 and DSDV_Agent::helper_callback never gets called to update the table (through makeUpdate) so this leads forwardPacket to get into an infinite loop but when using Phy/WirelessPhy set

Re: [ns] Question about xgraph

2006-04-05 Thread Sasan Sahraei
If this is cygwin, you caninstall X11 and then you can find it under /usr/X11R6/bin/xgraph Sasan Hi all, I have a trouble with xgraph now. When I run an example from the following website, example 4 about how to Create Output files for xgraph, this

Re: [ns] dsr protocol core dumed

2006-04-05 Thread Sasan Sahraei
make sure you are using CMU priority queue (instead of PriQueue) set val(ifq)CMUPriQueue this is required only for DSR Sasan hi all Please can any bidy help me my problem during the runinng of the dsr protocol it give a segmentation fault (core dumed) and exit form the

[ns] segmentation fault in TORA

2006-04-06 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, I am experiencing segmentation fault when using TORA. have anybody seen this before? I appreciate any advice. Thanks, Sasan

Re: [ns] What this code means?

2006-04-07 Thread Sasan Sahraei
rate of the transmition? regards Luciana - Original Message - From: Sasan Sahraei [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 6:40 PM Subject: Re: [ns] What this code means? Hi Luciana, SharedMedia interface with parameters

Re: [ns] error on running nam

2006-04-08 Thread Sasan Sahraei
if you are running cygwin you don't need to set DISPLAY if you are loging into a unix based environmen through i.e. exceed, then you can set DISPLAY to Terminal IP Address:0.0 Sasan I am using ns-allinone-2.29 on windows XP SP-2.I have set DISPLAY environment variable as

Re: [ns] General question about extracted files of ns-allinone and a FC5 issue

2006-04-09 Thread Sasan Sahraei
I don't think so, the best way to practice this, is to create a user with low privilages to only a subdirectory in FS, an then install NS-2. if it tries to access something that it doesn't have permission to, it will let you know, yet again, I don't think if it conflicts with anything else, I

[ns] Energy Model - what is the best measurement?

2006-04-11 Thread Sasan Sahraei
All, Can someone please point me to a document that explains in details the best mearurements for the energymodel parameters, (energy-aware nodes). i.e. below is an example, but I am not too sure how can I define the value for the parameters below, if anyone can show me a good document I will

Re: [ns] Values to be set in the TCL file to make the transmission range 100m

2006-04-12 Thread Sasan Sahraei
transmission range defined internally by distCST_ the transmission range is suppose to be calculated using the parameted below (as you mentioned) and propagation model however by looking at the Wireless Physical code, the propagation model is not implemented yet and thus the result is as -1

Re: [ns] Running nam on cygwin

2006-04-14 Thread Sasan Sahraei
in addition, I guess you need to run nam through startup batch file of XWindows simulator, make sure X11 is installed and from bin directory you can run startxwin.bat Sasan Hello Tuhin Kanti Sharma, You are probably trying to use NS on a linux server with ssh. Am I wrong? Anyway, typing the

[ns] which trace format is more accurate?

2006-04-15 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, I am generating both trace formats (old and new) for the exact same simulation, and for instance I count total number of messages sent as below (in my awk file) $1~/s/ /AGT/ { sent ++; } but I get two different results now I wonder, which one of the trace files are accurate? which

Re: [ns] Fwd: What does h stand for in trace format

2006-04-15 Thread Sasan Sahraei
check here, you might find the answer: Sasan -- Forwarded message -- From: Tuhin Kanti Sharma [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Apr 15, 2006 7:57 AM Subject: [ns] What does h stand for in trace format To: Hi

[ns] Setting energy model for physical layer

2006-04-16 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, A little bit confusion: to have control over the energy model, what is the difference between setting them in ns-config as below: -energyModel $val(energymodel) \ -idlePower $val(idlepower) \ -rxPower $val(receivepower) \

Re: [ns] R: which trace format is more accurate?

2006-04-19 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Marco, This is the exact point, the difference is about 300 to 400 for 100 sec sim time I reran the same simulation and all I did was to change the trace format, but I see such a difference in number of sent $1~/s/ /AGT/ { sent ++; } any comments? both running on the same machine. all the

[ns] queston about REQUEST / REPLY - duplicate info

2006-04-19 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi All, As an example AODV new trace format logs REQUEST both in ARP level and network level (aodv) one if -Po in ARP level and the second one in -Pc as network level (aodv) now if I want to count number of requests / replies, should I count both of just the network level? any comments?

Re: [ns] Trace File - - - which data represent packet id

2006-04-21 Thread Sasan Sahraei
The way I calculate the overall simulation avg end-to-end delay is the SUM of all transmission time framce within the whole simulation (end - start per flows/packet ids) over total number of data packets received. start[packetid] = time end[packetid] = time and for all packets (sum of all

Re: [ns] trace tool for ns2

2006-04-23 Thread Sasan Sahraei
you can get help from or other scripts from CMU Monarch project. but might need some modifications relative to your need. Sasan I am doing a class project on ns2 - wireless flooding. Is there any freely available tool to read the trace files? Thanks, -Anupama PS:- I did try the

[ns] Indoor and outdoor parameters

2006-06-23 Thread Sasan Sahraei
All, When using shadowing propagation model setting path loss to 2 (range 2 to 3.7) and standard deviation to 3 (range 2 to 3) mainly suites an indoor environment. Propagation/Shadowing set pathlossExp_ 2.0 Propagation/Shadowing set std_db_ 3.0 my questions are: 1. Is the above

[ns] Phy to MAC buffer

2007-01-27 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, How can I get access to the buffer between phy and 802.11 MAC (upwards) ? Is there any buffer at all? Thanks, Sasan

Re: [ns] Size of the queue in c++ not solved yet Please help and reply

2007-02-02 Thread Sasan Sahraei
open up the core file and see what does the stack tracing say. Maybe there is a bug that you can fix it. Send the stack track and I'd be interested to see it too. Sasan Dear all would you kindly help on that i would like to get the instantanous queue size of packets in my C++ code at

[ns] Phy to MAC buffer

2007-02-19 Thread Sasan Sahraei
Hi, Where can I find / access the buffer between PHY and MAC? Is there any buffer in between MAC and PHY (upwards)? Thanks, Sasan

Re: [ns] Phy to MAC buffer

2007-02-20 Thread Sasan Sahraei
, Alexander Sayenko -Original Message- From: Sasan Sahraei [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ns-users@ISI.EDU Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 00:09:52 - (GMT) Subject: [ns] Phy to MAC buffer Hi, Where can I find / access the buffer between PHY and MAC? Is there any buffer in between MAC and PHY