[ns] help to get output of mac 802.11

2009-11-18 Thread Tritva jyothi kiran
Hi i have to compare performance of mac802.11 with 802.11e(QoS) , So plz any body tel me what (nam) output i can get when running the mac802.11 and in what way it consists of...? i am asking these question bcoz i have minimum knowledge in NS2. reply for this is a great help to me thanks in

[ns] help to selecting coloumns to calculate throughput, delay, packetloss

2009-12-08 Thread Tritva jyothi kiran
*Hi* I need help in identifying the columns in the attached trace file. Actually i need to calculate the throughput,delay,packetloss from this file. I found some awk scripts (awk scriptshttp://mohdnajwan.putrabytes.com/2008/12/06/calculating-throughput-delay-and-jitter-in-ns-2/) online to

[ns] help for analyzing trace file

2010-01-19 Thread Tritva jyothi kiran
Hi friends,i heared the tool named TRACE GRAPH :NS TRACE GRAPH ANALYZER . to download that tool the link tracegraph.com is expired on internet. if any body downloaded , friends please send the tool to me ,bcoz i have a gr8 need of that tool for my project . thanq in advance .. Jyothi Kiran

[ns] Fwd: Help for project

2010-03-02 Thread Tritva jyothi kiran
Hi, i have to take 5-hops away throughput,delay and packet-loss for ieee802.11e. for that which tcl script i have to run ..please tell that to me any body without hesitate. tahnq in advance for the reply Jyothi Kiran