[ns] who has EDCA patch for ns2.29?

2007-05-08 Thread alexleaf132
I have EDCA patch for 2.28 and 2.26 only... 3x! alexleaf132 2007-05-08

[ns] HCCA patch for 802.11e?

2007-05-15 Thread alexleaf132
Could anyone offer the HCCA patch for 802.11e? I find nothing on internet... alexleaf132 2007-05-15

[ns] I wanna quit from the maillist

2007-06-01 Thread alexleaf132
what should I do? I use this mailbox to receive those daily mails, but it is now full of ns mails... I wanna apply a new mailbox for ns mails only, but before that, I hope this mailbox can quit from the maillist, what can i do to make that 3x! alexleaf132 2007-06-01