[ns] how to access rtPeer and dvr table class objects from c++ source code in creating new RPF check

2008-03-10 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi, I am trying to write a modified DVMRP protocol for multicasting In order to do that i want to write a new RPF( Reverse Path Forwarding) check by adding additional field to the packet . From ns manual ,in chapter 29 there is a class rtPeer and RouteLogic to access all the neighbor

[ns] implementation of IP_BROADCAST in wired nodes.....

2008-04-07 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi, thank you for the response... But I want to send my own created packet to the neighbors in the first phase.Then I want to send the packet by embedding extra field in my created packet to the selected neighbors through Distance vector routing . Now ,the example script

Re: [ns] problem when make is used

2008-04-11 Thread siva rupesh ss
Hi rashmi, First thing is that you should save the ex-linkage.cc in a newly created directory(for example newproto) under ns-2.31 directory Then add a line in Makefile.in which is in ns-2.31 directory in OBJ_CC like

[ns] sending a packet to a node

2008-04-23 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi ns users, I am trying to implement a modified DVMRP protocol (wired networks). I want to access distance vector routing table from my C++ code so that i can embed my info in to my own packet. Can I use aleady implemented dvr in ns-2.32 to use in my own code? (by using

Re: [ns] need hepl in calculating throughput, average access delay, access energy cost.

2008-04-29 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi divya, did u check out www.tracegraph.com?? Hope this may help you... Rupesh On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 12:35 AM, Divya G [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi all, I have implemented a two stage contention resolution protocol by making changes in files ns-2.31/mac/mac-802_11.cc and

[ns] creating routing agent

2008-04-29 Thread siva rupesh ss
hi ns-users, I am trying to implement modified DVMRP . But I am now stuck at very basic problem. I did not get reply for my previous post. I am giving link for reference which is based on my problem.. http://mailman.isi.edu/pipermail/ns-users/2008-April/062819.html I figured