Re: [ns] Scheduler::instance().clock() in ns.2.30

2011-04-13 Thread thn80
AFAIK it returns a floating number which tells you the time in seconds since your simulation has been started. molly-5 wrote: Hi all, Can anybody tell me something about Scheduler::instance().clock(), the function returns system time, what kind of system time it returns? Does the

[ns] border wrapping

2011-04-13 Thread thn80
Hello, is it possible in ns2 to wrap borders? If a node reaches the left border, the node should disappear at the left side and should appear on the right sight of the simulation area. The same question is about radio communication in wireless scenarios. Is it possible that a node transmits out

[ns] How to process data packets in routing layer?

2011-04-29 Thread thn80
Hello, for a novel routing protocol I have to extract some information from data packets to store this information into the routing table. How is it possible to access data packets from the routing layer? Thanks, Thomas -- View this message in context:

[ns] Forwarding packet from classifier-addr to classifier-port

2011-05-02 Thread thn80
Hello, how can the address classifier access the recv() function of the port classifier? Normally this is done by using mshift() to get a slot num,ber out of the destination node address. But in this case every node should be able to access the port classifier, not only the destination node.

[ns] Delay in ns2

2011-05-19 Thread thn80
Hello, I have two routing protocols and got the following two tracefiles (it's only a part of each tracefile). My problem is that protocol 2 is a modification of protocol 1 and in the following tracefiles the protocols exchange exactly the same packets, but the time values -t in the tracefiles

[ns] TCP send sduplicate packet?!?

2011-05-27 Thread thn80
Hello, I simulated the exactly same scenario with two routing protocols (AOMDV and a modification of AOMDV). When using the modified protocol there is a TCP packet dropped. After the Retransmission Timeout of 3 seconds, the packet is send again (time 8.0). My problem/question is, why