[ns] Emulation in Linux

2006-08-14 Thread vngo
Hi Everyone, Is emulation using NS2 supported on Linux or only on FreeBSD? If it is supported on Linux, what steps do I need to go about to get a simple emulation script running? Thanks, Vince This mail sent through www.mywaterloo.ca

[ns] Emulation Error - Ping Responder, help needed!

2006-08-15 Thread vngo
Hi everyone, I am a newbie with NS2 and trying to use nse to run a simple ping responder script on a Linux machine but I get the following error message: pcap/live object (_o11) couldn't open packet source fxp0: socket: Operation not permitted (_o11 cmd line 1) invoked from within

[ns] Emulation Basic Hardware Requirements

2006-08-15 Thread vngo
Hi all, I have been trying to blindly run sample emulation scripts using nse without fully understanding the requirements needed to run them. If I were to run a simple ping responder what requirements and steps would I need? ie. I have a Linux machine connected to a LAN. How many network