[ns] Wireless Multicast

2012-02-03 Thread karellen84
Hello everybody, is multicast natively supported in ns2? (any version) natively i mean without any additional code I'm struggling to build a simple simulation with wireless nodes and a PIM (protocol independent multicast) with any wireless routing protocol. not only they don't work but it's

[ns] wireless multicast communication using ns2

2010-04-09 Thread gurudevi patil
dear sir/mam, i have written two examples on wirelss communication using ns2,but code is not working that gives error like -llType .if anybody knows this plz set ns [new Simulator] #number of nodes set num_wired_nodes 1 set num_mobile_nodes 1 set num_bs_nodes 1 ;#

[ns] Wireless Multicast

2008-04-04 Thread Andi Nugroho
Hai everyone.. Does anyone know how to build a multicast routing in wireless network?? I wanna send a voip packet from one base station node to all wireless node. Thanks,,I really2 appreciate for all the info. -- Andi Nugroho TelecommunicationMultimedia,Electrical Eng. Sepuluh Nopember

[ns] Wireless multicast extension

2007-06-21 Thread Ana Turk
Hi Please help me, i have add CMU wireless multicast extensions for ns-2.1b8 (http://www.monarch.cs.cmu.edu/multicast_extensions.html ) to ns-allinone-2.30 on fedora core 6. I have execute a following process : 1-dowload ns-2.30 allinone (from ns) and 2.1b8-mcast (from monarch) 2-put

[ns] Wireless multicast: is it neccesary to implement a new protocol?? - Given ideas

2007-03-09 Thread Javier Chicote
Dear ns users, I would like to simulate a wireless network with 2 master nodes that control 2 different groups of nodes, and where each master is supposed to send multicast packets to the nodes of the group it controls. I have successfully implemented this in a wired scenario, but I am