Re: [ns] Access to Agents

2006-08-25 Thread Sampath Ranasinghe
Hi Jana, you can obtain the address of an agent at a particular port using the node address like so $node agent 2 or o_14 agent 2 --- The above commands return the address of the agent attached to port 2 of a node. Hope it helps. Regards, Sampath --

[ns] Access to Agents

2006-08-24 Thread Jana Henniger
Hello, is it possible in C++ to access the agents of a node when I have the node ID or rather the name of the nodeobejct(e.g. o_14)??? - Or to find out which Agents belong to my node? jana -- Echte DSL-Flatrate dauerhaft für 0,- Euro*. Nur noch kurze Zeit! Feel free mit GMX DSL: