[nsbasic-ce] Re: Signature Capture

2009-06-05 Thread Chris Kenworthy
--- In nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com, brianm...@... brianm...@... wrote: Hi Can anyone help me get started with a signature capture box. I am told the picture box is the way to go but a few pointers would be greatly appreciated. Many thenks Brian Hi Brian. Here's a few details about the

[nsbasic-ce] Re: SQL WHERE

2009-05-23 Thread Chris Kenworthy
What do you want to show up as output in this example? You're selecting 'every field in table namedb', so the msgbox command doesn't understand how to show all those fields, in potentially more than one record. If you just want the first field, (firstname,) of the first record, then you could

[nsbasic-ce] Re: Copying SQlite DB from Pc To Pocket PC

2009-03-03 Thread Chris Kenworthy
I believe that is the OLDER NewObjects sqlite object - version 2.something. (The naming convention is disappointing, I agree.) For the version 3 compatible object, I used: AddObject newObjects.sqlite3.dbutf8,cn So I suggest that you try that - with db at the end instead of cn so that it

[nsbasic-ce] Re:Source code

2008-11-13 Thread Chris Kenworthy
Around Activesync 4.2 and earlier, it would automatically convert CDB files into MDB files when copying them from the mobile device. If practical, this might be the easiest way to do what you need. Activesync 4.2 can still be downloaded here:

[nsbasic-ce] Re: Netstreams examples?

2008-10-10 Thread Chris Kenworthy
--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], ghidera2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Well, since IPWorks is being uncooperative that just leaves netstreams. Reading through their website I found reference to UDP so I know netstreams can do UDP but I can't seem to find any examples of it. Anyone know of such a

[nsbasic-ce] Re: Installing IPWorks on desktop/CE?

2008-10-08 Thread Chris Kenworthy
. For that matter, get some links from the regular pages to the IP*Works pages as nsbasic.com. I had to use google to find the IP*Works announcement/instructions at the nsbasic site. --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Chris Kenworthy Chris_Kenworthy@ wrote: I thought I saw something about this a while ago

[nsbasic-ce] Re: IPWorks HTTP runtime error?

2008-09-25 Thread Chris Kenworthy
Okay, I went in to insert the typename call, and then, with fresh eyes, I saw what the REAL mistake was. Had nothing to do with 'd' Sub web_endtransfer(d) If d = 1 Then txtMsg = headers body End If End Sub txtMsg is a textbox object. I was using vb6 shortcuts, and changing the