[nsbasic-ce] Skins

2009-12-04 Thread lasersword2001
Is there any way to make NSbasic apps skinable? The standard windows widgets are really boring looking. Skins would be cool a great thing to add. :) -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups nsb-ce group. To post to this group, send email to

[nsbasic-ce] Re: Size of NSB CE files

2009-12-04 Thread lasersword2001
I just wrote a flashcard program, which hasa lot of other functions among the standard flashcard app, and it's still less than 400kb. It has 5 forms. ARe you writing a game? :P hehe --- In nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com, George Henne g...@... wrote: What version of NS Basic/CE are you

[nsbasic-ce] Unicode

2009-12-07 Thread lasersword2001
How exactly do we get a Unicode value from a line of text being read in from a file? I read the Tech Article about file access, but it wasn't really clear. Any code examples? :) -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups nsb-ce group. To post to this group,

[nsbasic-ce] Re: debugging help

2009-12-13 Thread lasersword2001
...@yahoogroups.com, Timothy gilh...@... wrote: Which Version of NSBasic are you using? I recall an older version being off by 1 You have a number of Dim statements that assign a value to the variable - I believe that is not allowed in NSBasic --- In nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com, lasersword2001

[nsbasic-ce] Re: debugging help

2009-12-14 Thread lasersword2001
Ok, well i fixed that error, but it's giving me another error. when ever the event is triggered that should Show or Hide forms, i get this error: Microsoft VBScript runtime error - line 30, char 0 Object required: 'FlashcardPlayerForm' am i required to actually load

[nsbasic-ce] Still can not get this Programm to work...*confused*

2010-02-14 Thread lasersword2001
For some strange reason i am still getting the same errors, and can not display load, hide, and show forms in my Project. Can someone help me with this? I uploaded the source code to this to the ChineseFlashcards folder in the files section.

[nsbasic-ce] Re: NSBasic Runtime Error

2010-02-15 Thread lasersword2001
user database. I got that error after I've installed all runtime, IDE(on Desktop and CE)... :( What can I do? --- In nsbasic...@yahoogroups.com, lasersword2001 lasersword2001@ wrote: make sure that the runtime is installed first. i got that error before too