[nsbasic-ce] Re: Identification of PDA

2010-03-08 Thread joespan123
Hi, Do not rely on the serial number to identify each device, as an example the new iPAQ 212 devices return the same serial numbers. To answer this question: If I put that in a file on the PDA, it would get sync'ed to a folder on XP and I don't know which folder it went to. When the device

Re: [nsbasic-ce] Changing the Mouse Cursor

2010-03-08 Thread George Henne
The only option is the WaitCursor, which you use to let the user know that your app is busy. Is there a method of Changing the Mouse Cursor, different cursor replacing the arrow with another cursor file, or enlarging the existing Cursor with NSBasic? I cannot find any .cur files on the mobile