[NSP] Manchester Group of Northumbrian Pipers

2006-09-14 Thread Neil Tavernor
The Manchester Group of Northumbrian Pipers invite you to join us for our monthly 'play togethers', we have pipers who combine the afternoon with visits to relatives in the area and pipers who turn up occasionally. It's all very informal,we play in a group everyone gets the chance to pick the

[NSP] Correction on my correction on the lovely Sloan D set.

2006-09-14 Thread The Irish Flute Store
I just read the correction I sent out yesterday about the Sloan set I'm selling. I neglected to mention the keys are also chrome plated brass. Anyway, none of the pretty silver on the set is silver. This would explain why it looks so good and hasn't tarnished. Oh well, I'll get it all