[NSP] Re: Manchester group of Northumbrian Pipers - Annual Pipers' Day 3rd October 2009

2009-08-17 Thread Neil Tavernor
Definitely pressed shift and the '3' key which should be -L-. But yes still a really good bargain at thirty pounds sterling and beginners are as always made very welcome. - Original Message - From: [1]amble skuse To: [2]Neil Tavernor Sent: Wednesday, August

[NSP] Re: players in SW

2009-08-17 Thread Richard York
Valerio's right - though you could always buy the Peacock book on actual paper. It's remarkably cheap for such a superb set of music for 8 notes. In fact in my fairly short nsp playing life so far, I've been surprised that although everyone carries the Society Tune Books and the folios,