[NSP] Manchester Group of Northumbrian Pipers

2010-10-05 Thread Neil Tavernor
Pipers All Greetings Meeting Dates Next two are - 6th November and 11th December 2010. All meetings are from 1400hrs to 1700hrs at the Grove Lane Baptist Church, Pingate Lane South (off Grove Lane), Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle SK8 7NP. All will be made most welcome. Cheers

[NSP] Bewick's Pipe Tunes - reissued

2010-10-05 Thread Julia Say
Matt Seattle has revised, and expanded the notes to, his original Dragonfly publication (the pink one). The NPS have re-published it, adding in Iain Bain's 1983 article from the NPS mag, also revised by its author. The resulting book is now available, price 4 UKP to NPS members, 7 UKP to