[NSP] Re: Doubleday

2010-12-20 Thread Paul Gretton
I hope Francis won't mind if I add some food for thought by sending a slightly altered version of his message: There are many things the harpsichord can't do. No dynamics. ... Limited opportunities for the player to adjust intonation. So an expert concentrates on what the harpsichord can do

[NSP] Doubleday Post Script and retraction

2010-12-20 Thread Anthony Robb
Thanks, Helen, for making me look more deeply into my words. Highest is, on deeper thought, a bad choice as pipes in the right hands (as Inky Adrian recently pointed out) hit the heart and brain every bit as surely as, say, Heifitz or indeed Choralation (Rowan Johnston's New

[NSP] Pipes Fiddles

2010-12-20 Thread Anthony Robb
Today John Gibbons wrote: Is 'the NSP don't move Anthony as much as the fiddle does', a sentence about the NSP or about Anthony? The answer has to be it's about both. My question is where did the sentence come from? Definitely not the email you are replying to, where I said,

[NSP] Re: Pipes Fiddles

2010-12-20 Thread Gibbons, John
Sorry about my '...' marks, which were not to indicate a direct quote - but rather to paraphrase the gist of an earlier email, the passage: Years later [Chris] wondered publicly on this list what had happened to that piper. The answer is, Greg Smith played The Blackbird for me. His