[NSP] Manchester Group of Northumbrian Pipers

2011-09-30 Thread Neil Tavernor
Pipers All, hello and greetings The next four dates for our monthly meetings are: 5th November and 3rd December 2011. 7th January and 4th February 2012. Manchester Group of Northumbrian Pipers meet at the Grove Lane Baptist Church, Pingate Lane South (off Grove Lane), Cheadle

[NSP] TOTM Hornpipe(s)

2011-09-30 Thread Anthony Robb
Hellos apiece Here we go - flawed as usual - two great tunes that are becoming popular but could be more so. I've been doing up Jimmy Little's pipes which have spent the last 18 years languishing in their box. I've given them a new chanter reed and have re-tongued three of the

[NSP] Re: TOTM Hornpipe(s)

2011-09-30 Thread Matt Seattle
Very nice Anthony! The pipes sound great and there's some fine phrasing in the playing. For a relatively different aesthetic, and a different reading of the word 'hornpipe', see All The Night I Lay With Jackey In My Arms, the middle tune of this duet set