[NSP] Re: Thomas Sander !

2011-01-19 Thread Helen Capes
Oh do share! :) - Original Message - From: richard.hea...@tiscali.co.uk To: NSP Dartmouth nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu; NPS Forum discuss...@northumbrianpipers.org.uk Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2011 6:46 AM Subject: [NSP] Thomas Sander ! Hello All I'd like to thank all the people who

[NSP] Re: technique etcetera

2010-12-21 Thread Helen Capes
Quote from Anthony Robb: May I suggest picking one tune that really speaks to us but isn't yet inside us (this includes brain, heart and fingers) and devote half our practice time each week to that single tune for 1-6 months (depending on time allocated to practice and complexity of tune).

[NSP] Re: Doubleday

2010-12-19 Thread Helen Capes
The pipes are a brilliant but not capable of the highest level of expressiveness. Anthony, go wash your mouth out with soap!! Helen To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Piping classes

2010-12-13 Thread Helen Capes
I have a class of 8 and 9 yr old NSpipers at the school I teach. I teach them in a lunch-time each week. Is there anyone else out there that is teaching a regular group of a similar age? I would love to swap ideas. Cheers Helen To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: 'My Deary sits ower late up'

2010-11-14 Thread Helen Capes
Isn't this the song that Nancy Kerr and James Fagan do with Elsie Marley? They sing one then the other then both at the same time and it sounds stunning. Cheers H - Original Message - From: Anthony Robb anth...@robbpipes.com To: ; JohnGibbons j.gibb...@imperial.ac.uk;

[NSP] Re: Bag cloth

2010-08-11 Thread helen . capes
Interestingly, when I made a 'costume' for my pipes, in a moment of madness, to make them look like I was playing a cat, they ended up sounding very muffled. It is important to allow the bag to be the sound chamber and not over insulate it. I know, I will be the but of cat jokes for ever now! I

[NSP] Piper needed

2010-06-12 Thread Helen Capes
Help please. The motorcyclist who was killed in the TT was a friend of mine and his wife is a Northumbrian Piper, but her set is here in NZ. His funeral will be in the Isle of Man and she would very much like a Northumbrian piper to play for it. I would be very greatful if someone

[NSP] Re: Parnell's March

2010-06-07 Thread helen . capes
I'm missing something here! Isn't it a march? Helen Capes Quoting John Dally dir...@gmail.com: Parnell's March NPS Bk 2, p.3: it's written out as a jig, but isn't it really a hornpipe? To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Little

2010-02-10 Thread Helen Capes
If you haven't yet got yourself one of these CD's, I suggest you give it serious thought. I just got my copy and am thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks Anthony. (see: [1]http://robbpipes.com/HowDoesItGan.html) To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: Synthetic key pads

2009-10-17 Thread Helen Capes
I tend to agree, leather with shellac for adhesive seems to me to be the most reliable and most long lasting. Helen - Original Message - From: Francis Wood oatenp...@googlemail.com To: Dartmouth NPS nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:58 AM Subject: [NSP] Synthetic

[NSP] acrylic impregnated wood

2009-09-27 Thread Helen Capes
Is that the wood that Ray Sloan used for his 'budget' sets for a while? I have two SSP chanters that I bought from him nearly 20 years ago. He said that they were made of 'permally' I think. They require no maintanence at all and have a lovely tone. Helen - Original Message - From:

[NSP] Re: C D or G

2009-08-13 Thread Helen Capes
Well said Daphne, I think you explained it very well. I have a C chanter that I sing with, a D set that I just plain enjoy, an F set that I play most and a G set that I play when needs must and other instruments drown me out, but at least I joined in! Cheers Helen PS I went on the Whitley Bay

[NSP] Re: Composing location

2009-08-13 Thread Helen Capes
The bath, definately the bath Helen - Original Message - From: Richard York rich...@lizards.force9.co.uk To: NSP group nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Thursday, August 13, 2009 4:16 AM Subject: [NSP] Composing location On holiday I set myself the task of writing a tune a day whether it


2009-08-08 Thread Helen Capes
I totally agree, Anthony. Bit of a diamond enthusiast myself! Cheers H To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: Transposing music

2009-07-31 Thread Helen Capes
I use Noteworthy. It is relatively simple to use and and I can now print in a tune quite quickly then transpose it to whatever I like. Cheers Helen - Original Message - From: Christopher Gregg chrisdgr...@gmail.com To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Saturday, August 01, 2009 2:12 AM

[NSP] Re: Colin Ross

2009-05-21 Thread Helen Capes
I agree with Anthony. I think Colin has to be one of the most deserving people in decades. Surely this is a great opportunity to appoint a president in recognition of a huge contribution to our instrument. Helen - Original Message - From: Anthony Robb anth...@robbpipes.com To:

[NSP] New CD

2009-05-04 Thread Helen Capes
The Cool Breath Tour that travelled around New Zealand in January 2009 made a recording in Auckland Cathedral. The CD is now available. It includes recordings of some tunes that have not been available before, such as Johnny Handle's very lovely Waikato Valley, and the inovative Tane Mahuta. It

[NSP] Re: I must be daft

2009-04-15 Thread Helen Capes
Come on guys. We have had some really interesting input from both Anthony and Chris, and now they are backing off, praps leaving the list. What a shame. They can both annoy the hell out of me, but I have learned heaps from them both too and would really be sorry if they stopped their input.

[NSP] Re: Lisa Ridley

2009-04-14 Thread Helen Capes
I went to that Manitas de Plata concert too! I think its a great example of a good theory Anthony. I totally agree. Cheers Helen To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re:

2009-04-13 Thread Helen Capes
I have often been misquoted in the press, to my embarrassment. I think we need to be very careful not to be seen to be unsupportive in the public eye, and this is after all a relatively public list. Helen - Original Message - From: lisa ridley lisaridley6...@hotmail.com To:

[NSP] Re: Mistakes in public perfomance

2008-09-30 Thread Helen Capes
LOVELY comment John. Thanks. I needed that encouragement.I found the choyting debate hard going. Helen All music, because it is art, is a gift. The generosity with which the gift is given and received is often more important than the technical skill through which it is given. To

[NSP] Re: Floods in Morpeth

2008-09-08 Thread Helen Capes
Thanks for keeping us informed Julia. Poor old Morpeth made the NZ news tonight and the pictures weren't pretty. Thanks go to Anne, Kim and John To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Show me the child

2007-03-29 Thread Helen Capes
Hi, I performed this piece with a Taranaki choir years ago, and it was really nice. Now I can't remember who the composer was or where the music is. Does anyone know who it was, and even better, does anyone know how I can get hold of the music for it please? A choir has contacted me and would

[NSP] Re: Sharing tunes

2007-02-18 Thread Helen Capes
The idea of sharing tunes really appeals. I have worked out how to use Noteworthy but can go no further as that is about my computing limit. So, my suggestion is this: If you want to post a tune for all to see and use, send it to [EMAIL PROTECTED] It will then be posted on a page sponsored by

[NSP] Re: Sharing tunes

2007-02-18 Thread Helen Capes
The system is up and running and we have an old Australian Scittische already. When you get to the NZNPS site, choose Downloads. Cheers Helen To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: re Sir P. and K.T.

2006-10-31 Thread Helen Capes
I really agree with you Maureen. Brilliant mailing. Push the boundaries but retain the roots! Helen - Original Message - From: Maureen Davison [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Dartmouth N.P.S. site nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 10:19 AM Subject: [NSP] re Sir P. and K.T.