[NSP] Re: March 2012 TOTM: Adam a Bell selected by Julia Say

2012-02-29 Thread brimor
-Original Message- From: brimor bri...@aol.com To: theborderpiper theborderpi...@googlemail.com Sent: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 3:48 pm Subject: Re: [NSP] Re: March 2012 TOTM: Adam a Bell selected by Julia Say It certainly is also useful to read in G and play in F, if you are a fiddler

[NSP] Re: Alice Burn Emily Hoile

2011-09-16 Thread brimor
I seem to be unable to pick up any of the several slots, those with Alice and those of Emily alone. Is anyone else having the same probl;em? Can anyone suggest a way of seeing and hearing them? Sheila -Original Message- From: Francis Wood oatenp...@googlemail.com To: Anthony

[NSP] Re: Deaf/dead

2011-06-24 Thread brimor
In our search for the correct way to play a piece, I think that we are all overlooking the point that composers tend to make minor (occasionally major) alterations in a lot of their pieces (embellishments, dynamics and even notes and whole phrases) each time they perform, depending on their

[NSP] Re: Esoteric tuning relationships

2011-02-06 Thread brimor
Hi Chris, I am sure that you will be finding Anthony Robb's suggestions most helpful. He is a most practical person as well as being a very good player. No doubt you have his two CDs, Windy Gyle and Force 6 I don't know what other instruments you play. At some point I think you said

[NSP] Re: A 70 cent divergence

2011-01-08 Thread brimor
Hi Alan, In connection with the question of intonation and the perception of in-tune-ness, your quotation is very interesting. Violinists have the problem of having to decide whether to tune their A to whatever has been decided as the pitch for the ensemble with which they are playing 440,

[NSP] Re: Doubleday et al

2010-12-19 Thread brimor
What really got me interested was the gift of Kathryn's first cassette, On Kielder Side. Wonderful music! It was given to me by friends who live on Orkney and heard her at the Orkney festival. At that point I was trying to learn to play the Highland chanter. The teacher had just received

[NSP] Re: Help please

2010-11-16 Thread brimor
Sorry, Anthony, but that's the way we 're hearing it also. I know that it sounded interesting when you combined Windy Gyle Slow Air and fast Jig, but interesting is not the adjective I'd use for this combination. Sheila -Original Message- From: Anthony Robb

[NSP] David Burleigh

2010-09-15 Thread brimor
Greetings friends, Can anyone send me the current e-mail for David Burleigh? I would indeed be most grateful. Hoping you all are enjoying the last days of summer, in the northern hemisphere, and the approaching spring in the southern hemisphere. Here in western PA we are having some

[NSP] Re: Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels

2010-08-24 Thread brimor
Hi Edric, So glad to have a reminder of this museum. It certainly is one of the most fascinating for musical instruments. We have not been back to it for several years, although we were in Brussels this spring (staying with some good friends). I am sure that many of the NSP members do

[NSP] Re: Reeds

2010-07-09 Thread brimor
In Trinidad there is a tradition to only cut bamboo on Dark nights', otherwise it will quickly be destroyed by insects. Research shows that more photosynthesis occurs when the moon is shining so that there is a greater accumulation of starch ( a favourite food of insects) when the moon is

[NSP] travelling with NSP

2010-03-19 Thread brimor
When the bags are going through the scanning cameras I always say, These are bagpipes, they probably look peculiar,. Frequently the reaction is, oh, we've never seen bagpipes, Then, turning to the rest of the security crew, Come and take a good look at them. Occasionally it involves you

[NSP] Re: NSP duet with other instruments

2010-02-06 Thread brimor
Hi John, Steve and all, Would you say that this conforms to the limits of the list? Hopefully, Sheila -Original Message- From: bri...@aol.com To: dir...@gmail.com Sent: Sat, Feb 6, 2010 6:51 pm Subject: Re: [NSP] NSP duet with other instruments Hi John, Yes, as Matt

[NSP] Re: From notation to music

2009-12-02 Thread brimor
Yes, Chris, you are absolutely right both about amatuer orchestras and that among the enormous amount of people who took music lessons in the 20th century the arts of playing by ear, improvizing etc did appear to have been lost. However, I remember that in one section of the final exam for

[NSP] Re: From notation to music

2009-12-01 Thread brimor
I'll give my half-pennyworth and then shut up. I admire and respect quite a lot of folk musicians who play only by ear., I also admire and respect quite a lot of classically trained musicians who play from the dots, and it seems that many who are damning the classically trained on this

[NSP] Re: Greetings from Elisabeth Uli

2009-10-15 Thread brimor
This is to other pipers who have been to Germany to any of the piping events or workshops and have probably met the excellent pipe-maker, Uwe Seitz and his charming wife, Rosalba. She also played the Norhumbrian pipes, and other pipes, and helped Uwe in both his pipe-making and teaching.

[NSP] Re: Tune title spelling

2009-08-20 Thread brimor
Hi Anthony, Windy Gyle is such a beautiful CD, we play it over and over.? If anything . .. Appelbo is maybe a trifle too slow but, as Colin said, you can play a tune any way you like it best and, after all, maybe?the walkers were?admiring the view as they went.?? Could you send me the

[NSP] the piping course

2009-08-13 Thread brimor
I really hate to prolong this discussion, but just want to point out that in the mid '90s I persistently begged and pleaded, in person, by e-mail and?by snail mail, ?with the NPS chairman and committee members to organize a week-long piping course such as Susan is now doing, and was told it

[NSP] Re: How the brain reads

2009-06-13 Thread brimor
This word stuff is interesting. We tried a similar test on our then 6yr old grandson and he had no problem reading it aloud straight away. Similarly with music, people find that as they continue with reading not only do they pick up the bar/phrase at a glance, but they also hear the music

[NSP] Re: piper

2009-06-09 Thread brimor
I just had to pass this on as a change from some of the current threads. Sheila -Original Message- From: schenk2...@windstream.net To: John Bridges bri...@aol.com Sent: Fri, 5 Jun 2009 3:59 pm Subject: piper THE IRISH BAGPIPPER As a young bagpiper, I was asked by a funeral

[NSP] tradition etc

2009-04-25 Thread brimor
For heaven's sake, don't let us get back to all the back-biting and bitching of the previous messages - making unjustified allusions to people, without mentioning names etc. If classical music had remained in the tradition Mozart would have been shot, Beethoven would never have dared to

[NSP] Re: Wet Monday.

2008-11-07 Thread BRIMOR
Hi Valerio, Probably you have already received replies about Wet Monday. In case you have not done so, herewith:- Composed by Fiona Davison in 1993. It was written on a wet Monday morning as part of a portfolio of compositions for Fiona's Advanced Level Music

[NSP] Re: Maa Bonny Lad

2008-10-31 Thread BRIMOR
Matt, My husband, being interested in boats as well as in music, was intrigued by the words, and by the comment which someone made about keels being the sea-going boats as well as those used on the Tyne. Evidently similar boats were used on rivers and canals, at least in

[NSP] Maa Bonny Lad

2008-10-29 Thread BRIMOR
I urgently need the words of Maa Bonny Lad Can anyone come to my rescue? Please e-mail to[EMAIL PROTECTED] Thanking whomsoever in advance. Sheila __ Plan your next getaway with AOL Travel.

[NSP] Re: solo vs. group playing

2008-10-01 Thread BRIMOR
Going back to your initial e-mail, Barry, that many solos used to be played at NSP gatherings in the early days - at least before 1990, and now very few choose to stand up on their own before the gang. - At that point in time there weren't many expert pipers other

[NSP] Re: Belly Dancing, Waltzes, and Jazz? It's Opera Theater!

2008-09-21 Thread BRIMOR
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[NSP] Re: More choyting!

2008-08-27 Thread BRIMOR
Allan, As you have noticed, the small pipes are not tuned to a tempered scale and the E is frequently deliberately tuned so that it is correct when playing in A major and a minor i.e. a perfect fifth with the A (as Colin already mentioned). This means that it is not going to

[NSP] Re: re-Tune title spelling

2008-08-17 Thread BRIMOR
As you can probably well imagine this altering of names has occurred very frequently with immigrants whose names seemed quite unintelligible to the immigration authorities. A good friend told us the other day that his father and his 2 uncles (father's brothers) all arrived in

[NSP] Re: Questions on D Chanter

2007-06-01 Thread BRIMOR
Probably you have already had replies, in case not - this is usually played as a transposing instrument when playing the traditional NSP tunes. i.e. you read G but it sounds D (the note above middle C on piano). It is up to you what you do when playing any other music. In other

[NSP] Re: Practice

2007-05-20 Thread BRIMOR
Greetings Roger, I have found Dick Hensold's exercises very helpful ([EMAIL PROTECTED] (mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]) ) . Although he is not a Northumbrian, he does play the NSP very well and is an excellent teacher. Sheila ** See what's free at

[NSP] Re: the vagaries of the written note

2006-11-10 Thread BRIMOR
As most people have already said, the written note is most useful, does show the pitch of the note and its duration, and is one of the best ways of preserving compositions for future generations. However so much more is not conveyed.I know that the discussion is mainly related to folk

[NSP] Re: preserving the tradition....a non-traditional approach

2006-11-05 Thread BRIMOR
I agree with Matt that is a very interesting discussion. However, I don't think that those of you who live at the centre of the NSP world can realize how difficult it is for those of us, who live many thousands of miles away, to know what the true Northumbrian tradition is. To us there

[NSP] NSP-Tradition

2006-11-02 Thread BRIMOR
Presumably the Traditional tunes for the NSP would be among those included in the basic tune books. However I have reason to believe that many of these started life as fiddle tunes and many more, which lie beautifully on the pipes (such as Madame Bonapart) came from other parts of what

[NSP] Re: Current debate seen from my perspective (NSP prospective buyer)

2006-05-15 Thread BRIMOR
Hi Sam, As a player of several classical and folk instruments, for many of which I also compose in what many people might consider not the strictly traditional style for a given instrument - I really appreciated your common sense, broad minded comments. Sheila -- To get on or off this