[NSP] Re: Winter Wren - 6 xii 2005

2005-12-07 Thread Ian Lawther
remarkable lengthy series of varied tinkling trills, warbles. Calls include oft given chit chit, rapid staccaot series of chirps. Picture at http://www.umd.umich.edu/dept/rouge_river/wiwr1.jpg Ian Lawther - Original Message - From: Dru Brooke-Taylor [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: nsp nsp

[NSP] Re: Tacoma NSP Seminar

2006-03-22 Thread Ian Lawther
Darn!!! When I read the newsletter I thought I had two weekends of work I had overlooked. Shame I just spent all the pay before seeing Peter's clarification... Ian - Original Message - From: Peter Dyson [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Cc: Paul Hickey [EMAIL PROTECTED];

[NSP] Clough Errors

2006-03-30 Thread Ian Lawther
Some years ago a list of errors in the Clough book was posted on the newspgroup. Does anyone still have it and if so could they send me a copy. Thanks, Ian Lawther -- To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: nps detatched

2006-05-17 Thread Ian Lawther
Just to take this discussion outside our immediate sphere I htough I would share a sound clip with you. In amongst the dozens of emails from the NSP list this morning I got one from a Colarado based group that mixes bagpipes with rocking blues. I went to their site to have a listen and think

[NSP] Re: to choyte or not to choyte

2006-05-26 Thread Ian Lawther
- Original Message - From: Simon James [EMAIL PROTECTED] Especially if you're listening on your Northumbrian mp3 player... The aye pod... Surely the ayepod is for Scottish music. the whyayepod is for Northumbrian! Ian To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: re DVD and Northumbrian pipes

2006-06-30 Thread Ian Lawther
This one which is for all regions ( http://www.bagpipediscs.travelingpiper.com/product_info.php?cPath=24products_id=126 ) includes some NSP but I don't know how much. I don't know of any others currently available. Ian - Original Message - From: Robert Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: NSP

[NSP] Graham Dixon

2006-07-12 Thread Ian Lawther
I am looking for a contact email for Graham Dixon / Wallace Music. Anyone have it? Ian To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: Any NSP players near Idaho?

2006-07-13 Thread Ian Lawther
Carline and Don Watts are learners in Boise...not certain if they are on this list or not. Depending on how you define near there are Sandy Jones and Laurie Franklin in Montana, Gail Gibbard and others in Oregon and a whole bunch of us in Washington. Ian - Original Message - From: The

[NSP] Re: nsp/abc

2007-02-15 Thread Ian Lawther
ABC is a music notation system initially developed by Chris Walshaw. Chris is a musician (piper in fact...French types) who was not good at transcribing and developed his own shorthand for jotting down the note names of tunes. However he is a computer whizz and moved the idea along to develop

[NSP] Re: NPS competition results

2007-10-23 Thread Ian Lawther
Thanks from the west of the US as well. Sunday was our monthly meeting so news of Peter Dyson and Gail Gibbard's wins was known as we gathered. Ian [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Dear Julia, Just to let you know, your prompt efforts in getting the competition results out WERE very much

[NSP] Re: Winter tunes

2007-12-06 Thread Ian Lawther
wintery enough.. Ian Ian Lawther wrote: Anyone know when the town football takes/took place in Alnwickwas that a winter time tradition? Ian To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: re Winter Tunes

2007-12-06 Thread Ian Lawther
The school assembly I am playing in is a holiday celebration which is the way US schools get to cover Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Eid al-Adha without offending anyone. Last year we were going to do the North Skelton dance but the school ended up closed due to a huge power cut but it was

[NSP] Re: reeds

2008-03-20 Thread Ian Lawther
David, Try Mike Sharp in California http://www.sharpbagpipes.com/ Ian Lawther www.bagpipediscs.com DAVID KORALYNN BOISVERT wrote: Greetings, For some odd reason I've had the most difficult time getting ahold of reeds for my NSP's. Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Ross, the Evans family have all informed

[NSP] Re: Flowers...OT

2008-04-06 Thread Ian Lawther
I heard a story that Paddy Keenan, uileann piper with the Bothy Band played a wedding once and would not let anyone in on his planned tune for the brides entrance..the reason being he intended to play The Hag With The Money. Ian Richard York wrote: Perhaps someone could publish a book

[NSP] Re: Plumbing the depths!

2008-04-08 Thread Ian Lawther
Here in the US I have often pondered the connection between pipemakers and plumbers while standing at a urinal. The name Kohler is often on the porcelain and Sloan on the flush valve...I thought Benedict worked with Dave Quinn...not Ray. Ian Chris Ormston wrote: Dear All, I recently

[NSP] Re: Plumbing the depths!

2008-04-08 Thread Ian Lawther
A few more.. Jenny Netties Sewer Plumbers of Galashiels Whistle O'er The Lavatory Ian Chris Ormston wrote: Dear All, I recently received a card through the letterbox advertising Northumbria Pipes Plumbing Services. Unfortunately this stimulated a purile torrent of

[NSP] Re: Plumbing the depths!

2008-04-08 Thread Ian Lawther
John, I'm sure you really remember it was named John Liestman's Six Inch Number Two Ian John Liestman wrote: If I recall, Mr. Lawther wrote a fine tune that might fit in here, but I forget the name! Quoting Ian Lawther [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Here in the US I have often pondered

[NSP] OT Humphrey Littleton

2008-04-25 Thread Ian Lawther
and an important link with home. Thanks to those of you who played those games, Ian Lawther To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: OT Humphrey Littleton

2008-04-25 Thread Ian Lawther
Ian Lawther wrote: the quirky humour of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again of course I meantI'm Sorry I haven't a Clueblame grief and senility. Ian To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: The great choyte debate redux

2008-08-22 Thread Ian Lawther
The division is not as easy to make as to a northern / Newcastle one. Players Chris has mentioned as fitting the Clough style include Hutton, Armstrong and Atkinson who were just as far north geographically as Billy Pigg. Clough (if I remember correctly) in his correspondence was critical of

[NSP] Re: Plaid 'n stuff

2008-08-22 Thread Ian Lawther
From first hearing the word choyte I have assumed it to be onomatopoeic. It is interesting that an open grace note gets a delicate word like hin in highland canntaireachd where it something wanted and an ugly word like choyte from a Northumbrian piper who says it is wrong. Ian To get on

[NSP] Re: The great choyte debate redux

2008-08-23 Thread Ian Lawther
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: As to some of the sidelines that this debate has floated, I am reminded of a CD review a few years back in the NPS mag, of a certain group of pipers, in which the reviewer wrote something like: Group piping is like group sex - probably fun for the participants, but

[NSP] Re: The great choyte debate redux

2008-08-23 Thread Ian Lawther
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: For the soloist, . . . playing a full set of satisfying variations is the most fun one can have . . . But for the audience, most frequently, this can seem like the most boring performance of an endless set of technical exercises. As an example of the

[NSP] Re: The great choyte debate redux

2008-08-24 Thread Ian Lawther
Chris Ormston wrote: PS Sorry to ramble - been in the.. http://chrisormston.com/Documents/Bridge_End.pdf Sorry your evening was spent in such a manner , Chris. I spent my Saturday night at a house concert here in Seattle with Paddy Keenan, with red wine in hand. A month that started with

[NSP] Re: Choyting - possible source of word and Plaid

2008-08-25 Thread Ian Lawther
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi all, For several years my father was at sea with a mixed crew of Hebridean Islanders and other Scots. Apparently the scots refered to the Islander as 'choochters' (chew- k-ters) not sure of spelling; this is an aural history. The name described the babbling nature

[NSP] Re: the cry of the curlew, the wind in the reeds...

2008-08-27 Thread Ian Lawther
colin wrote: huge cavern of a room Were all music clubs in Liverpool Caverns? To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Re: tchuning

2008-08-29 Thread Ian Lawther
As the Oxford Dictionary defines lug as a Projection on an object by which it may be carried, fixed in place, etc I would have thought the adaptation to ears (as projections on the head) would be fairly common throughout the English speaking world. Ian colin wrote: Isn't that the fellow

[NSP] Re: Etymology of the 'C' word - 2

2008-09-17 Thread Ian Lawther
Perhaps the Glasgow Museum (at The National Piping Centre?) specialises in Scottish pipes and therefore is even more specialist than the wonder museum in Morpeth, or the Jim Coldren's collection that used to be housed in the Bagpipe Music Museum in Ellicott City in Maryland (which had sheet music

[NSP] Re: American Politics invades NSP traditions

2008-10-15 Thread Ian Lawther
I think Obama's delivery is more staccato than McCain's :-D Cheryl and Colin McNaught wrote: Did anyone else notice that Obama is Pro Choyts and McCain favours slurs? Apologies, Colin McNaught To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: Over the hill?

2008-10-24 Thread Ian Lawther
The test for Northumbrian pipers would be how fast you can tap your index finger and any other finger alternately making sure that finger A is down before finger B comes up. Ian Mike Sharp wrote: ...The test was to see how rapidly they could keep tapping their index


2009-01-04 Thread Ian Lawther
Bizarrely my email marked up Lynn's contribution as possible spam. Possible Spam also works, but doesn't taste as good as Tomato Soup or Potato Crisps (and Spam should be marked up as Possible Meat). Ian Lynn Patterson wrote: I prefer potato crisps myself. To get on or off this list see

[NSP] Re: Rants and reels

2009-01-05 Thread Ian Lawther
julia@nspipes.co.uk wrote: Like Chris, I am concerned at some of the material now being preferred by players. There is a difference between playing music on the Northumbrian smallpipes and Northumbrian piping, and the latter must not get swamped by the former or the tradition will be

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Allan traditional (?)

2009-01-12 Thread Ian Lawther
We mustn't overlook the fact that the the last bar and a half of each part matches And they call I Buttercup Joe which is claimed to be a southern English song (but may be a pseudo folk song). Ian Barry Say wrote: I quote from my original posting, -- The Reel of

[NSP] Re: Reel of Tullochgorum

2009-01-14 Thread Ian Lawther
Among old Cape Breton Scottish pipers there seems to have been no set side on which to play the pipes and photos show both left and right shouldered pipers. Some also played with hands reversed such as the late Alex Currie who had started as a piper who played with the bag under teh right arm

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Allen

2009-01-15 Thread Ian Lawther
Jimmy Allen is on The Cheviot Hills by the Cheviot Ranters which was released on Topic (12TS222) in 1972 so later than dates already discussed in the 1960s. For anybody looking for information on Topics records Rod Stradling's Musical Traditions website has a very thorough list at

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Allen

2009-01-15 Thread Ian Lawther
Copyright control(led)? Often abbreviated to Cop. Con Ian malcra...@aol.com wrote: On the vinyl itself it is not directly attributed, other than: {All other material Trad C/C) ? Not sure what C/C means To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: Keep on Ranting!

2009-03-13 Thread Ian Lawther
Nice one, Chris ...except the only instrument I had to hand was my old Schott school recorder from the mid 1960s that is not aging gracefully and doesn't like pinching up to high A. But then this is a Northumbrian pipe tune not recorder music and its going to sound grand when I get the

[NSP] Re: The Lost Music of Newsham

2009-03-16 Thread Ian Lawther
I am in the process of building a website for the Northumbrian Smallpipes Society of North America and at present as a holding page I have a collection of Youtube videos on pipers. Many of you will have seen some or all of these but the current discussion prompted me to point to the webpage

[NSP] Re: That CD!

2009-03-18 Thread Ian Lawther
I think the flood was 1988 - it was the year before I first came up to Rothbury. My first marriage ended in May 1988 and it was after this that I began coming up to Northumberland a couple of times a year but I think the first of these trips was to the NPS competitions that October -

[NSP] Canny Shepherd Laddies o' the Hills.....

2009-03-27 Thread Ian Lawther
Anthony's CD and emails here about it have made me nostalgic for my visits to Rothbury Festival and perhaps the romanticised view I, as a southern towny, have of living in rural Northumberland, through songs like Canny Shepherd Laddies o' the Hills that Hannah Hutton used to sing. In the midst

[NSP] Re: Northumbrian smallpipe teacher in Brussels, Belgium?

2009-03-27 Thread Ian Lawther
There is no one listed as being in Belgium in the 2008 Northumbrian Pipers Society membership list and it looks like Christopher Birch who is on this list may be closest to you in Luxemburg. Ian King, Richard wrote: I've just acquired a Northumbrian smallpipe. I have no NSP experience

[NSP] Re: Tich's Reel

2009-04-03 Thread Ian Lawther
I have always assumed that it referred to the Northumbrian musician Tich Richardson who was in The Boys of the Lough with his brother Dave Richardson (composer of Calliope House). Tich died at a young age - b think in a car accident. Ian Lawther john_da...@hmco.com wrote: Who or what

[NSP] Re: Re:

2009-04-13 Thread Ian Lawther
Matt Seattle wrote: I think you mean Session A9 Ian. Session A7 is me and Bill Telfer, and we rock My mistake Matt - but then you too are a kid from Kent (and more precisely I think you and Tim Edey are both native to the Planet Thanet) Ian To get on or off this list see list

[NSP] Re: Amazing Musical Machines

2009-04-20 Thread Ian Lawther
The link to the first of 6 clips is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXHPdeh0cOc Part way through I realized that the fellow making it is the chap who used to busk with the musical saw in Canterbury when I did the same with pipes. Ian Debbie Lawther wrote: Hello, all - While we're in a

[NSP] Re: asking for a favouRe: pictures of Northumberland

2009-04-25 Thread Ian Lawther
matthieu.bopp wrote: Hello Everyone, I am giving an informal presentation and I would like to display during the NSP musical tune some pictures of Northumberland to help the spectators to get the 'border spirit :) Browsing the web has not been very helpful yet. Perhaps you should

[NSP] Re: nps

2009-04-26 Thread Ian Lawther
with a private one in thw Dasgupta's flat in Tooting for him and his pupils. And then they would sit around and discuss how Ravi Shankar had corrupted the tradition Ian Mike and Enid Walton wrote: Ian Lawther irlawt...@comcast.net said Enter those who saw the chance to make some

[NSP] Re: nps

2009-04-28 Thread Ian Lawther
Whilst Fenwickdescribes gracenotes he does not say that one should step outside the closed fingering rule he has already set out in order to play them. Many Northumbrian pipers grace within the closed fingeringeven those shakes sound better closed! Ian Dave Shaw

[NSP] Re: Fenwick tutors

2009-04-29 Thread Ian Lawther
Bill sent me this book when I first got a set of pipes from him in the early 1970s. Ian Dave Shaw wrote: Hi Julia, Tunes in '74 edition of Fenwick are as Edition 1 below. For anyone interested, a PDF of the '31 edition owned by Bill Hedworth can be found here;

[NSP] (Commercial) CD specials at bagpipediscs

2009-05-01 Thread Ian Lawther
I do not usually post commercials on this board and this is intended as a one off. Since the beginning of the year I have been having monthly special offers at my online piping CD store and this month these include some Northumbrian and border items so I though there might be some interest

[NSP] Re: smallpipes

2009-05-26 Thread Ian Lawther
Adrian wrote: What are the Northumberland bagpipes;what are they? They are something extremely raremust be true - it says so here http://pro.corbis.com/search/Enlargement.aspx?CID=isgmediauid={8A307924-903A-4ECE-ABF4-5C68EBAD5E6E} Ian To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: Aural tradition

2009-05-27 Thread Ian Lawther
Anthony Robb wrote: Many musicians kept books of dots to help them remember tunes. On reading this my thoughts went straight to an incident when I was a teenager in a pipe band. The Pipe Major, probably around 60 then, was teaching a group of us youngsters a tune. One of my fellow teens

[NSP] Andy May's new CD (commercial post)

2009-05-29 Thread Ian Lawther
A few weeks back I said I would be getting some copies of this in at bagpipediscs once the US distributor had them. It turned out the distributor had only ordered 2 copies to serve the US market Those two had already been bagged by members of this list before I received them and I now

[NSP] Re: Happy Hours

2009-06-11 Thread Ian Lawther
Happy Hours was Emile Vacher a French accordionist and appears in Matt Seattle's Yelllow Northumbrian PIpers Pocket Book. Some years ago I picked up a CD of Vacher and his dance band in a hypermarket in Calais. It was made from recordings done in the 1920s and 30s and disappointingly does not

[NSP] Re: Greetings!

2009-07-17 Thread Ian Lawther
Yes The Pipers Gathering is what used to be in North Hero. Another event that is closer to you is the piping weekend in January Shepherdstown WV. Details of last years are at http://upmw.smad.us/piperswknd/index.html Ian Robert Edwards wrote: Thanks for the welcome, one and all! I won't

[NSP] Competitions and those far away.......

2009-08-13 Thread Ian Lawther
This Saturday will see Glasgow hosting the World Pipe Band Championships and for the first time the BBC will be streaming the event world wide. http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/music/worlds/2009/ Is it possible for some clever person with a webcam and laptop to work out a way to broadcast

[NSP] Re: Competitions and those far away

2009-08-14 Thread Ian Lawther
Good thought Steve - perhaps only the Open could be webcast in the way only the Grade 1 World Pipe Band contest is. The phone reference brings up another (looney) idea. Do away with the overseas class and have entries in real time via Skype as part of the main classes at the

[NSP] Respringing a key

2009-10-18 Thread Ian Lawther
One of the springs on my chanter has become very weak and is, I fear, about to break. I have the choice of returning it to the maker for respringing (a trans Atlantic posting job), getting a maker here in the US to do it (a couple of options - more if I consider other local folk woodwind

[NSP] Route to piping

2009-10-23 Thread Ian Lawther
Anthony Robb wrote: I came into piping via a route involving David Hillery, Colin Caisley and Tom Clough nothing to do with NPS but I thought such individual routes were fairly rare. Are you saying most of the nsp list people would also trace a route where no one from the NPS was is

[NSP] Re: An enquiry - Pallister family of Cambo - 3 xi 2009

2009-11-03 Thread Ian Lawther
marga...@wyngarth7.fsnet.co.uk wrote: My guess is that it may have been Jimmy Pallister There are recordings of him playing three or four tracks on 'Morpeth Rant' - Sounds like it was him from the Morpeth Rant notes A retired blacksmith, living in Cambo, Jimmy Pallister started to learn the

[NSP] Re: CD track listing omission - Border Minstrel

2009-11-30 Thread Ian Lawther
It is not listed on the LP either...Track 1 Side A has High Level, Biddleston, Carrick and I'll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes. Ian Julia Say wrote: Playing through all the Billy Pigg recordings I have whilst working on the tune transcriptions, I have just noticed that the listing for track 1

[NSP] Re: musette

2009-12-07 Thread Ian Lawther
Philip Gruar wrote: The Palladian Ensemble have recorded the Vivaldi/Chedeville Four Seasons, on a CD called Les Saisons Amusantes - haven't checked to see if it's still available - with Jean-Pierre Rasle on musette and Nigel Eaton, hurdy-gurdy. I have a couple of copies in stock at

[NSP] Liestman 7 keyed set for sale

2009-12-28 Thread Ian Lawther
Larry Jordan, in San Antonio, Texas, has advertised his Liestman Northumbrian pipes on the Bob Dunsire forum and I am copying the ad here for those who might be looking for a good set:- Liestman 7 key traditional Key NSP with bellows and case. $937 email if interested, pop...@aol.com

[NSP] Re: What Do You Call Yourself?

2010-01-04 Thread Ian Lawther
I refer to myself as a Northumbrian piper in such circumstances. Happy New Year, Ernie (and everyone else) Ian Ernie Shultis wrote: I have a serious question for you, whom I recognize as the panel of experts. There is a church near by that on Thursdays during the warmer months

[NSP] Re: Holy/Holey Halfpenny

2010-02-15 Thread Ian Lawther
I've always assumed Holey Ha'penny and as such used to pair it with The Crookit Bawbee. In the late 1970s/early 80s I would dedicated this pairing to the West Midlands Regional Crime Squad which at the time was being investigated for being full of bent coppers... Ian Matt Seattle

[NSP] Re: [Re: Holy/Holey Halfpenny]

2010-02-15 Thread Ian Lawther
Gibbons, John wrote: Oddly 'Poll Hapenny', an Irish set dance, seems sometimes to appear as Holy Ha'penny (I'll check tonight in Breathnach); - I never thought of this as a personal name but assumed a reference to a 1/2d tax per head...maybe I have an odd way of thinking of

[NSP] Re: Travel bag for pipes

2010-03-19 Thread Ian Lawther
Within the US and between the US and UK I always take them in my regular pipe case though it sounds like some European budget airlines have stiffer rules. Like Sheila I always announce that they are bagpipes as I put them forward to the x-ray. The only time this caused a stir was getting on a

[NSP] Simon and Garfunkel - Fakin' It

2010-04-20 Thread Ian Lawther
This afternoon I was in a Starbucks killing a little time before collection a child from school and suddenly realized I was hearing The Redesdale Hornpipe over the sound system under a lot of other arranged music. Checking the screen on which the shop shows what is playing I saw it was a Simon

[NSP] Re: Simon and Garfunkel - Fakin' It

2010-04-20 Thread Ian Lawther
://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverley_Martyn On Apr 20, 2010, at 7:12 PM, Ian Lawther wrote: This afternoon I was in a Starbucks killing a little time before collection a child from school and suddenly realized I was hearing The Redesdale Hornpipe over the sound system under a lot of other arranged music

[NSP] Re: Drone Reed Tongue Video

2010-06-14 Thread Ian Lawther
http://www.youtube.com/user/StephenDouglass Robert Edwards wrote: Where is this video uploaded? Cheers! On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 7:01 PM, STEPHEN DOUGLASS [1]us...@comcast.net wrote: I am uploading sections of a video of Colin Ross making the tongue for a metal bodied

[NSP] Re: The Grand Chain

2010-07-08 Thread Ian Lawther
I seem to remember hearing that when this tune was introduced into Northumberland from Quebec the title was mistranslated as The Grand Chain and this is what it has gone by for many years (no translation was given in the first edition of The Third Tune Book). Later someone discovered the

[NSP] Re: Painting on ebay

2010-09-07 Thread Ian Lawther
Looks like an uilleann piper to me. The set has the older style chanter stock that tied straight into the bag but due to chanter length gave a fairly sharp angle at the end of the neck. You can also see the brass drone stock cup coming out of the bag and facing downwards towards his right

[NSP] Re: Costs of sending CDs

2010-10-24 Thread Ian Lawther
I calculate the shipping of CDs for my business ( www,bagpipediscs.com - shameless plug!)as being 6 ounces including packaging. For a disc to the UK that costs $5.64. However this assumes a disc with liner notes and a regular jewel case. Using a slim case and padded envelope can bring this

[NSP] My little tune sponge....

2010-11-13 Thread Ian Lawther
My youngest daughter (10) has always been a little bit of a tune sponge though she has refused to join the school choir (much to the teachers disappointment) and only recently took up an instrument (flute). Last night she was whistling something from Holst's The Planets which she picked up

[NSP] Re: Help please

2010-11-16 Thread Ian Lawther
I'm using ubuntu linux and I can't get the clips to play at all - though they do on the Hooky Mat pages. Also the writing on the site overlaps line on line as can be seen from the screen shot attached. When I have had problems like this I often go back and re-read and angryish rant from the

[NSP] Re: Help please

2010-11-16 Thread Ian Lawther
Ian Lawther wrote: I'm using ubuntu linux and I can't get the clips to play at all - though they do on the Hooky Mat pages. Also the writing on the site overlaps line on line as can be seen from the screen shot attached. It didn't attach so I am trying to embed it. I hope this doesn't

[NSP] Re: Introduction from Arlington, Virginia

2010-12-28 Thread Ian Lawther
I don't know if there will be a spare set in WV but we can certainly make sure you get a chance to try a seteven if it is only mine! Ian Matthew Boris wrote: Greetings, Just joined the list and thought I'd introduce myself. I live in Northern Virginia currently, previously

[NSP] Re: [NPS-Discussion] Sharing Thomas Sander

2011-01-19 Thread Ian Lawther
Karl's book ( http://scottshighland.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=348 ) is published by Scott's Highland Supply and they should be able to give you some information on him. He was still alive in 2007 but probably in his late 60s. Ian Julia Say wrote: On 19 Jan 2011,

[NSP] Re: Has there ever been an NSP with _all_ keys (no open holes)?

2011-03-22 Thread Ian Lawther
The American uilleann pipe maker Patsy Brown made uilleann pipes with keys on all the holes. The only picture I can find on line is rather small but is at http://www.lemccullough.com/LEMcCullough/Music-Biography_files/PatsyBrown-filtered.jpg A larger copy of this appears in Patrick Sky's

[NSP] Re: Still looking for an F set!

2011-03-23 Thread Ian Lawther
I suspect John was being humourous.after all if you ask five pipers for recommendations on makers you will often get six answers and and an argument (and thats just among the pipe makers!). I don't know if Mike Nelson is doing much making these days but he is in Cambridge and therefore

[NSP] Re: Rules

2011-05-27 Thread Ian Lawther
barr...@nspipes.co.uk wrote: We have a strong piping community We have a viable society Several years ago I read a review of the first 25 or 30 years (forget which) of Na Piobairi Uilleann written by Pat McNulty in an Irish music magazine. His final comment stuck with meThere are more

[NSP] Tune books with arrangements for other instruments

2011-06-18 Thread Ian Lawther
I know there have been some books published in the past that include tune arrangements for Northumbrian pipes and other instruments though as someone who is normally a solo player I haven't taken much notice..until now. I need to encourage an 11 year old flautist and 12 year old cellist

[NSP] Re: Deaf/dead

2011-06-21 Thread Ian Lawther
Thank you Frances.you had me whistling the Radetzky March while cooking breakfast.I'm probably stuck with it for the day! Ian Francis Wood wrote: On 21 Jun 2011, at 14:54, Tim Rolls wrote: Popapoms would be the Australian version then? Well, which country is this? :

[NSP] Re: Deaf/dead

2011-06-21 Thread Ian Lawther
As I need to make a birthday cake for tomorrow I am likely to be doing some piping. Ian si...@leveau8.fsnet.co.uk wrote: I assume all this food based music will be played on a crumpet or a cornetto --Original Message-- From: Gibbons, John Sender: lute-...@cs.dartmouth.edu To:

[NSP] Re: Peacock Follows the Hen videos

2011-08-12 Thread Ian Lawther
I enjoyed that far more than I expected to! I'm now listening to other tracks and can see myself working through the whole jukebox as the day goes on. Over the years I've heard a lot of people trying to rock up traditional music but this chap is something else..he's not watering down the

[NSP] Matching tune parts.....

2011-09-09 Thread Ian Lawther
and dot,cut,cut,dot in 3,4,and 7 while Shaftoe is in C and even throughout but the only note difference is in final four notes of the seventh bar where Barren Rocks sticks to the previous patterns and has AECE while Clough partially inverts what has come before to GBDB. Ian Lawther To get

[NSP] Re: rapper dancing

2012-03-20 Thread Ian Lawther
I don't know of any recordings played at proper rapper speed but you might not want to start there anyway! One thought might be to look for some rapper videos on youtube and capture the sound to your computer. Ian DEREK LOFTHOUSE wrote: This is a little off topic, but i am looking for a