[NSP] Re: nsp/abc

2007-02-16 Thread rob . say
Quoting [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 2. I would also be grateful if some kind person could tell me the range of what in German is called a Diatonisches Akkordeon (Is it called a melodeon in English?). It very much depends on the key of the instrument and the number of rows. At it's most basic, a

[NSP] Re: Paul Knox contact details

2007-11-02 Thread rob . say
Thank you one and all I have four emails, three phone numbers and one address. I think that'll cover it. Rob To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] Halsway Manor 7-9th March - travelling from NE?

2007-12-10 Thread rob . say
Hi - if anyone is planning on travelling from Northumberland / Durham / Cumbria down to Halsway Manor and would consider a car share (mine or yours), please drop me a line. Can't guarantee we'll be going at the same time but it's worth asking! cheers Rob To get on or off this list see

[NSP] Pipers in the Netherlands ?

2008-01-28 Thread rob . say
Evening all - I've had an e-mail from someone in the Netherlands (Alkmaar) who wants to find out if the NSP is an instrument for them. Is there anybody in the locality I could put them in touch with? thanks Rob To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: 1st national survey of amateur arts by DCMS starts 1st February

2008-01-29 Thread rob . say
DCMS to launch arts survey Took me a while to work this one out: Dept of Culture, Media and Sport Whose address: http://www.culture.gov.uk/ and the survey will appear here: http://www.artsurvey.org.uk/ To get on or off this list see list information at

[NSP] Re: Pipers in the Netherlands ?

2008-02-19 Thread Rob Say
A somewhat belated thanks for all the replies - I've directed Aggie towards Gerrit and given him a way to contact the Blankenheim course as well. cheers Rob To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] (Top quality) NSP at auction

2008-05-21 Thread rob . say
Somewhat unusual for eBay - anyone interested in an effectively unplayed new set of NSP (Colin Ross)? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Northumbrian-Small-Pipes_W0QQitemZ220236140539QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item220236140539; Haven't worked out what the chanter keys are but the seller is answering questions..

[NSP] Re: (Top quality) NSP at auction

2008-05-21 Thread rob . say
Ah sorry - my fault. I hadn't intended to question who the maker was, the seller is quite clear that it's a Colin Ross set. The question mark was intended for anyone interested .. Sorry for any confusion - it's a classic case of the impression of the written word in e-mails.. Rob

[NSP] Re: Walls of the World tune

2008-06-08 Thread rob . say
Quoting Richard York [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Please does anyone with a long memory have any more information about the tune, where it came from, and incidentally if it was indeed Dave Shaw playing? It was indeed Dave Shaw playing - I've not yet found any info on the tune (since learning it 10+ yrs

[NSP] Främling Composers ..

2008-07-07 Thread rob . say
Whilst at Newcastleton at the weekend I was playing 'Happy Hours' and got into a nerdy discussion about composers .. and I got it mixed up :) So in an attempt to clear it up and given that lots of people who were there are on this list .. Emile Vacher who composed Happy Hours was in fact a

[NSP] piper's identity?

2008-07-30 Thread Rob Say
Not sure if any has advertised these before, they're stills from pathe news reels Anyone know who the duke of northumberland's piper was in 1925, 1926 1932? http://www.britishpathe.com/still_image.php?id=34524frame=245size=d1 http://www.britishpathe.com/still_image.php?id=35253frame=5size=d1

[NSP] Re: Floods in Morpeth

2008-09-07 Thread rob . say
And to add pictures to the story .. a friend of mine took these: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johndal/sets/72157607156207768/with/2835280053/ the chantry entrance: http://www.flickr.com/photos/johndal/2836130942/in/set-72157607156207768/ the pedestrian bridge to the chantry (usually 5m/ 15'

[NSP] Halsway Manor travel (offer)

2009-02-25 Thread rob . say
Hello all - I'm teaching on the Halsway course in just over a week. I'm travelling down from Northumberland on the Thursday and visiting relatives but can offer a car share on Friday afternoon from anywhere within easy reach the M5 (starting from Worcester). I'll heading back on Sunday

[NSP] Am I tone deaf?

2009-03-02 Thread rob . say
.. Or rather How good is my differentiation of tones? A friend pointed this site out to me the other day: http://tonometric.com/adaptivepitch/ It measures how you differentiate between two tones and whether you can hear which is higher and lower. If you have ever described yourself as tone

[NSP] Re: Newcastleton Festival Piping Competitions

2009-06-26 Thread rob . say
Does anyone (in Northumberland) have any definite plans to head to Newcastleton next weekend? I have one of the NSP trophies and unfortunately can't go up this year. I'd be grateful if anyone could take it, I can probably deliver to your doorstep sometime this week as I'm out and about in

[NSP] New NSP sessions nr Hexham(2010)

2009-12-04 Thread rob . say
Hello List Following on from the beginners course I have been running for the last 10 weeks in Wall, I've decided to organise a series of sessions and open these up to a wider audience. This is initially planned to start in the New Year on the 2nd Sunday in Jan, Feb Mar. The intention

[NSP] Re: Smallpipes Simulator v1.1

2010-04-19 Thread rob . say
I'll update it in a couple of yesterdays... along with the pitch (which is wrong) and a Linux issue when I can track it down. R Quoting Matt Seattle theborderpi...@googlemail.com: What impresses me most is the time travel involved - (c) Rob Say, November 2010 -- To get

[NSP] Re: newcastle / N.E. group fri / sat / sun

2010-04-28 Thread rob . say
Quoting amble skuse amble.sk...@googlemail.com: I wondered if there was a session / playing group (suitable for a beginner) that I could drop in to when I visit the N.E. I only have scottish smallpipes in A and D so that might rule out joining in, but it would also be lovely just to listen. I'll

[NSP] Re: newcastle / N.E. group fri / sat / sun

2010-04-28 Thread rob . say
Quoting rob@milecastle27.co.uk: .. My message got chopped - I'll try again: Morning - you're in luck, that's the weekend of the Hexham Piper's Gathering. There's a session on Friday night (8pm) in the Abbey Undercroft: (http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=393499Y=564096A=YZ=115) There

[NSP] Re: alnwick pipers society website

2010-06-06 Thread rob . say
Quoting Derek Lofthouse dloftho...@shaw.ca: Anyone else having problems going to this site? My antivirus software wont let me go there and google has it flagged as 'may harm your computer'? Is it a real problem or are google and firefox being too sensitive? Hi Derek - in this

[NSP] Northumbrian Piping Courses in Hexham

2010-09-10 Thread rob . say
Di's message reminded me to post details of another weekly course in the opposite corner of the county! Once again Queen Elizabeth High School in Hexham will be offering Beginners Northumbrian Smallpipes as part of the Community Leisure programme. The 10 week course is aimed at those

[NSP] Re: TV

2010-12-12 Thread Rob Say
Morning - I have heard of a thing called Expat Shield: http://www.expatshield.com/ I've not used it myself - investigate as much you feel necessary. cheers Rob http://www.milecastle27.co.uk/rob/ On 12/12/2010 02:41, Richard Shuttleworth wrote: Hi Anthony, When I tried to log on I got a

[NSP] Re: key question

2010-12-15 Thread rob . say
Morning - for those who hanker after multi-key extended chanters (or are wondering at the minutiae of what is being discussed) here's a little exercise that will demonstrate one of the key differences. First; take a pencil and hold it as you would a chanter - almost no effort is required

[NSP] Re: Concertina Tuning

2011-01-06 Thread rob . say
Morning Mike - yes this correct. For a C/G anglo where you are typically playing tunes in G and D (and associated minors) you would want a Bb/F tuning to play with NSP. Unless you know the person you want to play with is in concert F then +20 would also be a very good idea. I have a Bb

[NSP] Re: Concertina Tuning

2011-01-06 Thread rob . say
Quoting Mike Dixon msdi...@btinternet.com: Could you expand on the 'care and sympathy' with the drones? Simply that the drones are of course fixed pitch and continuous. Some bass line combinations which work on their own or with non-drone instruments can clash horribly with pipes... (in my

[NSP] Re: NSP concertina

2011-01-08 Thread Rob Say
Hello - thank you John - very kind. I must of course point out that it's half NSP and half concertina - I don't actually have any tracks with both! If you're on this side of the pond, it's available from the record company (Veteran: www.veteran.co.uk), the Chantry have a stock and it's also

[NSP] Re: Burleigh 9-key NSP on eBay

2011-01-11 Thread Rob Say
Morning - New prices are published here: http://www.burleighsmallpipes.com/prices.htm A set similar to this would only cost marginally more new. Or is the fact that we don't know how long it's been unplayed make it a no-go, or at least an assumption of some major re-fettling and replacing

[NSP] Re: (Fwd) Invite for folk music and smallpipes fans - North East i

2011-03-24 Thread rob . say
I think that will be Susan Craven - listed in the credits: http://www.bedefilms.co.uk/CastAndCredits.asp Rob Quoting Julia Say julia@nspipes.co.uk: I've been sent this: I know nothing more about it than what is here. Anyone know who the piper/s are? To get on or off this list see

[NSP] Re: D chanter on AU ebay

2011-03-24 Thread rob . say
It's a D chanter and therefore longer than the F - there is more room to fit keys in at the top. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. R Quoting Gibbons, John j.gibb...@imperial.ac.uk: Maybe a confused description - could Colin clarify this? But there are a lot of keys at the top end. John

[NSP] Re: D chanter on AU ebay

2011-03-25 Thread rob . say
The key in the Fnat position is Cnat on a D chanter The top thumb hole is D - the picture shows four keys with holes positioned above this. Two on the little finger (e,g) and two on the thumb (f#,a) R Quoting christopher.bi...@ec.europa.eu: Well I'm glad someone else was wondering. I

[NSP] Re: D chanter on AU ebay

2011-03-25 Thread rob . say
I compared the fourth and fifth pictures. 4th: the hole for the key on the back is in the centre of the key block (Cnat) 5th: the top hole on the front is at the top of the key block (C#) For a D chanter it makes more sense to extend up - it doesn't get squeaky like on an F or G. I guess the

[NSP] Re: Low keys sequence

2011-05-04 Thread rob . say
Afternoon Philip - I don't know the dates on the chanters you have seen, I'd be interested to know. I discussed the design of my big chanter with Colin back in 2001/2002. the original plan was to get ABC# on a triple block at the back with paired CD on the right and just the single low E

[NSP] Re: even more on G and D

2011-05-10 Thread Rob Say
My thought is that there aren't enough long chanters and extended range players to form a solid judgement at the moment. I don't think it will be either an 'annoying one-off' nor yet a 'more logical trend'. There are already quite a number of 'specials' around but anyone buying a top end set

[NSP] Re: Farewell to Whisky - Niel Gow

2011-09-13 Thread Rob Say
Hi Francis - I looked in to this one a while back for some track notes - here's a summary My understanding is that comment is attributed to Nathaniel and is in the published collection of 1819 (The Beauties of Gow). ( Interestingly the fiddler's companion has words from 1804:

[NSP] Re: Farewell to Whisky - Niel Gow

2011-09-13 Thread Rob Say
variations in the price of wheat of the period concerned.. R On 13/09/2011 19:28, Rob Say wrote: Hi Francis - I looked in to this one a while back for some track notes - here's a summary My understanding is that comment is attributed to Nathaniel and is in the published collection of 1819

[NSP] Re: Question

2012-06-14 Thread rob . say
Hi Jenny - there's a set attributed to Robert or James Hall in Edinburgh: http://hdl.handle.net/10683/17806 (James was Robert's son and was also piper to the Duke about 100 years ago) I don't know what EUCHMI is or whether the collection is viewable I used to be able to search the