[NSP] Query from Gerrit re List

2005-12-08 Thread Rosspipes
Dear Gerrit, I have no idea why you are not on the List or rather not getting information from it. I have copied this to the Pipers List to see if anyone has any ideas. Colin -- To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] to choyte or not to choyte

2006-05-24 Thread Rosspipes
My interpretation of the word 'choyte' is that it refers to gratuitous gracings applied on the small pipe chanter in the manner of the highland pipes. It is interesting that the word 'teuchter' (pronounced chookter), that is applied to Highlanders speaking in the Gaelic in Glasgow, referred

[NSP] Re: boring discovery

2006-06-20 Thread Rosspipes
If you wish to extend the bore depth of the cotton bud you could glue it on to a thin knitting needle or a length of 1/16 welding rod. I wrap the end of a 1/8 welding rod with cotton that I seal with shellac varnish to stop it from un-wrapping and use this for oiling and also french

[NSP] Re: Which way should drone reed tongues face?

2006-08-29 Thread Rosspipes
Face the reeds with the tongues towards the centre of the stock to avoid the tongues beating against the inner wall of the stock:there is a fair degree of movement on the large drone tongue for example. If the stock just has holes drilled thru a solid piece of wood then it is still advisable

[NSP] Re: Bag holes

2006-08-29 Thread Rosspipes
Try putting a spot of super glue into the hole as this will set in the presence of oil. I have found it works very well. Colin Ross -- To get on or off this list see list information at http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/lute-admin/index.html

[NSP] peacock pipes

2006-10-02 Thread Rosspipes
The three drone, plain chanter set was one of the first sets I made and I enjoyed playing it for the same reasons as Paul. It was so light and easy to play and of course ideally suited to playing most of the tunes in the Peacock Collection which is why I called them the Peacock Pipes and

[NSP] suppliers

2007-03-12 Thread rosspipes
I had a call from Mr Scott of Scotts Leathers this morning to let me know they were still in the business of supplying leather for bags and bellows. This was in response to a call I made to the firm last week wondering if they were still operating. He said they had rented out the majority of

[NSP] Re: c# crow

2007-04-06 Thread rosspipes
The way I approached developing the G and D chanters was as you say to scale the chanters in proportion and then try them out and adjust the hole positions to get the chanters in tune. I also made the decision to use the same reed for the chanters for simplicity in providing reeds to cover the

[NSP] Re: G sets

2007-05-30 Thread Rosspipes
Hi John, Remember when we both tried the idea of increasing the bore diameter to raise the pitch? I made up two sticks with F# spacing and bores at 3/16 and one worked but the other resolutely stayed in F# pitch which was what you found as well I think. Even if you get the rise in pitch,

[NSP] Re: Cotton and the end plug

2008-01-09 Thread rosspipes
The original remedy to correct tuning and excessive vibrato on the top notes was to insert a small cane G reed into the end of the chanter and move it in and out until an optimum position was found. It was then cut off at that point and the end piece replaced. This would satisfy Chris's

[NSP] Re: Finger spacing

2008-01-09 Thread rosspipes
Dear Helen, I actually made a D set for someone with larger fingers which was comfortable for him and didn't worry him as he was not intending to play with other F pipers and to be realistic might be the only way to fix him up with a playing set he can manage. However if the finger holes are

[NSP] Re: Finger spacing

2008-01-10 Thread rosspipes
Dear Richard, Sound reasoning re the bores but at 4mm bore (5/32) it could be a little quiet altho I have found it sound the same tone and volume as the regular 4.4mm (11/64). The sharpening effect does work at 3,8mm (3/16) but can sound a little too loud altho once again I have found it OK as

[NSP] Re: reeds

2008-03-21 Thread rosspipes
Dear David, It is not that I am too busy to make reeds fro you it is just that I do not make reeds for other makers sets especially if they are still alive. I had to call a moritorium on reeding Burleigh pipes some years ago now because of the demand on my own reedmaking and pipemaking

[NSP] Rusty Gulley

2008-07-07 Thread rosspipes
For all of you who read Anthony's letter in the NPS Newsletter can I correct what he said about the title Rusty Gulley where he said it should read Busty Gulley because of confusion over the lower loop on the letter R as it occurs in the original MS of the Vickers Tune Book. It is not the

[NSP] Rusty Gulley

2008-07-21 Thread rosspipes
Actually not about RG but to mention that Bert Lloyd had me play My Dearie Sits Ower Late Up (Adam Bell) in 3/2 3/4 rhythm on The Iron Muse (Topic) instead of the straight 9/8 as written which I managed quite well but it got the jazz bass player Jim Bray some time to get the 1-2-3-123 beat in

[NSP] Plaid, by gad, sad or bad?

2008-08-24 Thread rosspipes
I was reprimanded quite rightly by Matt for saying that Linlithgow was in the Borders in a recent e-mail when I meant Innerleithen which is on the Tweed in between Galashiels and Peebles. This was where I bought a length of black and white plaid at the mill which had been specially woven to

[NSP] Re: Choyting - possible source of word and Plaid

2008-08-25 Thread rosspipes
As one who is married to a Scot and being half Scotch myself I am familiar with the 'choocter' (teuchter) word which I was told referred to sound of the Gaelic language spoken in Glasgow by all the Highlanders and Islanders who came looking for work. It was thought to sound like chooky birds

[NSP] Re: More choyting!

2008-08-26 Thread rosspipes
What about the Three Tenors doing doing all that warbling at the end of O Sole Mio. It was done in fun and because they could do it and it went down a storm. Why can't we do the same thing on our pipes if we want to for fun and mischief to get laughter and response from our listeners?which is

[NSP] Re: tchuning

2008-08-29 Thread rosspipes
Dear Sam, The 'lugs' are a pair of devices situated on either side of the head as in ' If yi divent shurrup aal giv yi a belt across the lugs.'?You may need to look it up in a Geordie Dictionary. I am afraid that NSP's come with a bit of local jargon known as 'Geordie' since they were

[NSP] Re: tchuning

2008-08-29 Thread rosspipes
Dear Mike, The pragmatic technique is to regard all the accidentals as thirds or fifths?to a particular drone pitch. ?e.g. D# against a B drone as a third or fifth against a G# drone ?? Fnat? ??? C# Bb ? ?? G# EC# ?? Bb F# Eb ?? C# A F# The other way is to use your

[NSP] Re: Drones and tuning

2008-08-29 Thread rosspipes
Dear Ross, I have just had a set of drone reeds I tongued with plastic returned to me for re-tongueing with cane. The player had compared the tone against a cane tongued set and did not like the tone. There are a good number of folk out there with educated ears (lugs) that can hear the

[NSP] Re: tchuning

2008-09-02 Thread rosspipes
Dear Chris, The tuning of the low E I find is most effectively tuned also against the A drone as a fifth or its inversion. This is also an octave to the top E so it can be checked both ways. The 'third' way is to use the tuning meter which I find to be the quickest way to tune most of the

[NSP] Re: Peacock's Wylam Away

2008-09-10 Thread rosspipes
Dear Richard, The Peacock Collection was printed in facsimile 'warts and all' so there were some of the original mistakes on the page.That was in 1980, but in the reprint (1999)?the music was reset and corrections were made so that particular bar in Wylam Away was altered to scan properly.

[NSP] Re: Peacock's Wylam Away

2008-09-11 Thread rosspipes
Dear Matt, I agree with you about the 'slipshod editing' except I would say it was ignorance of the pipes and how to write out the music that came into it as well. Examples being one of the tunes being printed upside down and The Hen's March being printed in the wrong key and of course the

[NSP] nps saturday meeting

2008-09-16 Thread rosspipes
For those of us who live locally and were thinking of coming to the Chantry?this Saturday,?Maureen Davison has offered to host us for this meeting at least. Her address is in the Handbook. Colin R AOL Email goes Mobile!

[NSP] Re: Choyting again (was [Etymology of the 'C' word - 2)

2008-09-17 Thread rosspipes
Dear Paul, I think you have made the right distinction between 'gracing' and 'cutting' but it is the cuttings which are not neccessary on the small pipe which are the 'choytes'. The gracings, if done neatlyand discretely, are a part of playing any instrument which includes the NSP. Colin R

[NSP] George Atkinson

2008-09-17 Thread rosspipes
George Atkinson used to attend the NPS meetings when I was there in the early days and he used to be the only fluent piper that came to our meetings. I remember him playing Athole Highlanders and the Remember Me hornpipe in a very clear and articulated style that we knew was what we had to aim


2008-09-21 Thread rosspipes
HI Julia, This is the e-mail he sent me under his 'what me' address. I assume it was Adrian? Just read your long reply to the detached note debate with that quote from Clough which was right on. There is always something to be learnt from other folk in whatever field they are working which

[NSP] Re: solo vs. group playing

2008-10-07 Thread rosspipes
OK Barry, At our regular Monday meeting last night in Morpeth at our temporary venue in the Methodist Hall I thought I would try out the solo piping idea with every one present and of the nine who were there only a couple said they would rather not play solo. There was no crticism of their

[NSP] Re: Solo playing

2008-10-12 Thread rosspipes
Dear Margaret, I went along with Barry's idea on trying to encourage more playing by oneself only to get knocked down by him but it is something I will be trying out at our meetings in future if people want it and in an atmosphere of encouragement as you recalled at the earlier meetings. I

[NSP] Re: Correct grade of oi l?

2008-10-27 Thread rosspipes
It looks as though I have been missing a dot in trying to send messages to the List. Here goes again with dot. CR -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 17:21 Subject: Fwd: Re: [NSP] Re: Correct grade of oi l? It

[NSP] Re: re music for a funeral

2008-11-11 Thread rosspipes
Although Derwentwater's Farewell is an excellent to play as the mourners are coming in or going out at a funeral as well as playing for the committal, it is fraught with danger of squeaks when playing the lower notes on the chanter. Much safer to play The Rowan Tree which does not use the keys

[NSP] Re: Rants and reels

2009-01-04 Thread rosspipes
Exactly. The stress is on the second beat in 'tomato' whichever way it is pronounced which is not incorrect in that respect but it is a long syllable which is incorrect. It is essentially? a short lead in beat followed be three short? beats like quaver, crotchet,crotchet,crotchet, like the

[NSP] Re: Ranting and raving

2009-01-06 Thread rosspipes
Dear Paul, The system of showing stresses in speaking is shown up very well in Stephen Fry's book ' The Ode Less Travelled' where is where I got my information from and I think the example you gave of  'a red,red rose'  from Burn's poem is about the best vocalisation of the rant rhythm.

[NSP] Re: Tune Request

2009-01-06 Thread rosspipes
What is all this about the 'big'? pipes,Malcom. I thought you were making smallpipes. Colin. ? ? ? To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 0:07 Subject: [NSP] Tune Request Happy New Year to all my readers. Can anyone recommend a medley of Scottish tunes that'll do

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Allan traditional (?)

2009-01-13 Thread rosspipes
I have had it brought to my attention that it was the REEL of Tullochgorum?that was in question. The renaming of tunes of tunes due to ignorance or wilfulness has been something that has gone on for hundreds of years. Just look at our Peacock Follows the Hen, known as Mad Moll,etc, since

[NSP] Re: Jimmy Allan traditional (?)

2009-01-14 Thread rosspipes
I think this business of expressing rhythms in terms of word s or word groupings is fraught with difficulty as it depends on the emphasis with which you say the words. Any actor will tell you it is possible to say words or groups of words in many different ways and although it may be fun to use

[NSP] Re: Reel of Tullochgorum

2009-01-15 Thread rosspipes
Hi Colin, Pete asked me to make left handed chanter for him and I have made one or two since I have been making pipes including tying the stocks in the other side of the bag. Colin R -Original Message- From: colin lt;cwh...@santa-fe.freeserve.co.ukgt; To:

[NSP] Re: Am I tone deaf?

2009-03-02 Thread rosspipes
-Original Message- From: rosspi...@aol.com To: muse...@tiscali.co.uk CC: n...@csdartmouth.edu Sent: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 13:06 Subject: Re: [NSP] Re: Am I tone deaf? I haven't tried the test yet but as far as I am concerned the tuning I do is always in relation to a fixed drone when the

[NSP] ivory pipes

2009-03-03 Thread rosspipes
If anyone out there is interested in an ivory set made by Hedworth and adjusted by me let me know. The price range would be around £3,000, Cheers, Colin Ross AOL Email goes Mobile! You can now read your AOL Emails whilst on

[NSP] malcom's final solution

2009-03-06 Thread rosspipes
I have published in my Technical Advisors report in the forthcoming Newsletter a list of hole positions with diameters as the result of my own research into the tuning of chanters that is the result of forty years pipemaking and which is about 90% right. I think that Malcom should name the

[NSP] plastic pipes

2009-03-08 Thread rosspipes
The best person to comment on this would be Richard Johnstone who has been using them in schools on loan from the Sage, Gateshead who had them made from a grant awarded some years ago where they had £25,000 to make 100 sets which obviously limited what could be done with £250 per set. What

[NSP] first 30 tunes

2009-03-08 Thread rosspipes
The NPS has just published a small tune book inpsired by the Boulting brothers who found they couldn't join in at a session I was leading at the North American Pipers' Convention at Killington in 2007. They asked a number of pipers to contribute their collection of 30 tunes that they thought

[NSP] Re: Measureing Tips

2009-03-10 Thread rosspipes
Dear Malcom, I wish you could ask pipemakers about your ideas before putting it on the List. The idea of measuring from the shoulder was the original way of marking the hole centres and I used it in my class for some time before discovering that pupils' ideas of what was 5/8 varied from an 1/8

[NSP] Re: Chanter hole spacings

2009-03-11 Thread rosspipes
Just to mention that Mike nelson used my hole spacings on his chanters which he graciously acknowledged on a diagram of chanter hole spacings he produced in the early days. Colin R -Original Message- From: Anthony Robb anth...@robbpipes.com To: Dartmouth NPS nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu

[NSP] Re: First 30 tunes

2009-03-11 Thread rosspipes
Dear John, No, it would not do at all for me to play the tunes as I would be imprinting my own style, whatever that is, on the tunes with all the bad habits of gracing I have picked up over the years. This would also apply to other pipers who have learnt from 'the old guys' and have developed

[NSP] Re: J Allen

2009-03-12 Thread rosspipes
Here,here! Colin R -Original Message- From: Barry Say barr...@nspipes.co.uk To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 11:00 Subject: [NSP] J Allen On 12 Mar 2009 at 0:46, Anthony Robb wrote. Hi All, I have sent Anthony Robb a copy of my e-mail suggesting the genesis of the

[NSP] Re: Tradition and dance forms

2009-03-12 Thread rosspipes
Thanks Paul for injecting a bit of commonsense into all this purist debate of the Wonderful World of Ranting and its exponents belonging to the Dead Ranters Society when all they were doing were playing tunes that they had not been to lessons to learn how to play but just liked playing or even

[NSP] Re: Jack Armstrong and Pat Jennings

2009-03-31 Thread rosspipes
This came to me but I can't help. Anyone out there able to. Colin Ross Dear Mr Ross   I have just found in my collection of folk music The Rout of the Blues – Robin and Barry Dransfield.   One of the pieces of music is The Waters of Tyne; unbelievable beautiful music.  On the sleeve

[NSP] Re: Re:

2009-04-13 Thread rosspipes
Beware of the press. The same article had Katherine pictured in her usual langorous pose which even she might be getting a bit sick of by now. Whatever might be said of her and her style of piping you cannot deny she has ability in her fingering and compositional talents and if she keeps it up

[NSP] Re: Cut Dry Dolly

2009-04-19 Thread rosspipes
Dear Richard, A corn dolly is something to do with the harvest that is made with corn stalks. All sorts of original and traditional designs have been made either as fertility symbols or to be worn on the lapel to show you were available for hire as a farm worker or were hired. The term 'cut and

[NSP] Tommy Breckons' funeral

2009-04-20 Thread rosspipes
Tommy was one of the last pipers to have known the Clough's and it was a sense of the end of an era when I heard he had died last Wednesday. For those of you who live locally the funeral service is at St. Cuthbert's in Bellingham at 2pm. Colin R

[NSP] Re: New NPS president

2009-05-19 Thread Rosspipes
Julia has stated the rules re the election of a new President as they are and the Committee decided to stick to this and the secrecy involved when in my opinion it did need to be opened up to the membership and from a selection made by the Committee a small group from the executive

[NSP] Re: New NPS president

2009-05-19 Thread Rosspipes
Dear Paul, You show exactly what is wrong with the Society at the moment with two groups at each others throats due to basic misunderstandings of what thet think is the right thing to do. The main problem is that we have two groups within the Society with all the negative things

[NSP] Re: NPS Presidency etc

2009-05-19 Thread Rosspipes
Just about my own sentiments on the present situation. I was reading Machiavelli's 'The Prince' recently and he was writing about 'malcontents' and ways of dealing with them. I am not suggesting we should resort to his methods but the problem with the Society have started with

[NSP] Re: this list is safer now

2009-06-09 Thread Rosspipes
I am pleased to read about the respect given to Jimmy Little up at Alnwick. The group of pipers at Morpeth who mostly play from music and sound as 'flat as the paper the music is printed on' are not interested in any input from people like myself. They seem to be more concerned

[NSP] Re: Was: this list is safer now//speed

2009-06-10 Thread Rosspipes
In the original reprint of the Peacock Tunes I did not indicate metronome markings and I am not sure if I was involved in setting them for the current reprint. I had felt it was useful to indicate something for new players not familiar with the idiom and generally erred on the

[NSP] Re: 7 key Evans set for sale

2009-07-29 Thread rosspipes
I think that anyone in UK who may buy the pipes will still have to pay duty on them as exemption from duty only applies to pipes being sent back to the maker for adjustment and then to be sent back to the sender. CR -Original Message- From: Patrick Jones irishflutest...@gmail.com To:

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-12 Thread rosspipes
I wonder if this advert for a privately run course is allowed on this list. This is a course that is not run by the NPS but for the benefit of the person who is running it who although taking the risk and time to organise it is also taking any profit that may arise. CR -Original

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-12 Thread rosspipes
Yes, for goodness sake. If Susan had come up here and run the course as a Society event that would have been the sensible, non ego- tripping, thing to do especially as she was taking advantage of running it between the Society events of the Competitions and the Concert. A lot of folk beleive it

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-12 Thread rosspipes
The difference is that this is a course run by an individual for profit and not an organisation. CR -Original Message- From: Simon James si...@simonjames.net To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:01 Subject: [NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-13 Thread rosspipes
No problem as you are doing it as a group activity and there is no conflict with the NPS who I am sure welcomes it. CR -Original Message- From: Neil Tavernor neiltaver...@btinternet.com To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 13:09 Subject: [NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-13 Thread rosspipes
I have never directly advertised my business through the NPS or any other medium. All my activity in piping has been for the Society in terms of running events. I never advertised when I was taking the Pipemaking class I did at Killingworth although I must confess that I did mention on the

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-13 Thread rosspipes
Flaming right, I do have strong views on this matter but this is what these lists generate. I try not to be insulting in my postings only to express my views which are at odds with other folk with less information to hand in expressing their views. CR -Original Message- From:

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-13 Thread rosspipes
Agreed. CR -Original Message- From: Philip Gruar phi...@gruar.clara.net To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 16:13 Subject: [NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available Well said colin (Hill, of course)  I have been reading this list (both lists)

[NSP] Re: Northumbria Pipe Course 11-16 October - Places available

2009-08-14 Thread rosspipes
Dear Colin, There is no difference between a course run by an individual as a private event and one run for the Society by the same individual. The point I am trying to make is that the individual concerned would have been doing more for piping in general by running it as a Society

[NSP] Re: the piping course

2009-08-14 Thread rosspipes
Dear Sheila, It is a pity you can't take advantage of the course after being the most persistent in asking for it. With Susan moving up to the NE it would have been perfect if she had taken it on for the Society but she decided for her own reasons to do it as a private event. It disappoints

[NSP] Re: D set keys (was Looking for players..)

2009-08-27 Thread rosspipes
What the player wants the player gets. In my case I have made D chanters with the top G and A in the place of the nominal Bb and G# keys on the standard F chanter and also put the top G and A on the front and back of the chanter for those that want the chromatic D# and Fnat keys that go

[NSP] Re: curious pipes on ebay

2009-09-20 Thread rosspipes
I was unable to download the electronic pipes reference you posted so I have no idea what it is about: I certainly have had nothing to do with electronic pipes. I used to sort out pipes from different makers to get them playing well and in tune if the original maker was deceased or seemingly

[NSP] antiphons

2009-09-27 Thread rosspipes
Thanks to all those who responded to my enquiry concerning the musical form in an antiphonal way. I suspected it was an old form and the Wikipedia article that Matt referred to went back to biblical days which was further back than my pre-industrial revolution idea. It seems to have been a

[NSP] Re: ivory pipe tone

2009-09-28 Thread rosspipes
If you are travelling abroad you must get an Exemption Certificate from DEFRA at the Endangers Species Dept. You can download a form on the internet to fill in with details of where and when you or the maker obtained the ivory with details of the invoice with importation invoice number,or if

[NSP] Re: ivory pipe tone

2009-09-28 Thread rosspipes
I have worked with some impregnated maple which was from a highland pipe that somone wanted converting into a common stock border pipe and it was ideal for the purpose and better that my rather primitive oil impregnating process. The wood is as dense as the plastic and works like plastic while

[NSP] Re: ivory pipe tone

2009-09-28 Thread rosspipes
There should be no problem of sticking drone slides if the proper degree of tolerance is observed and the wrappings are at least three threads deep. Colin R -Original Message- From: Ian Carol Bartlett (home account) i...@ihug.co.nz To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Sun, 27 Sep 2009

[NSP] Re: re chanter material.

2009-09-28 Thread rosspipes
Dear Peter, Tradition is the name of the game in instrument making where makers are sticking to well tried materials that they know will last two or three generations and will be an investment as with string instruments. When you start to mention computer aided design it is a mistake to think

[NSP] Re: Respringing a key

2009-10-19 Thread rosspipes
Dear Ian, It seems that you have become another victim of the chrome or nickel plated keys syndrome. What I mean by that is to do with the hardness of the plating compared to the spring material which even if it is nickel is much softer that the nickel deposited by plating. If the bending of

[NSP] Re: NPS competition results

2009-10-19 Thread rosspipes
I see that you are already taking over the role of Chairman in pre-empting the Secretary's report on the Competitions. You should have checked this with the Secretary before making a report which could have been left to be included in the Newsletter along with other views on the Comps that

[NSP] Re: Route to piping

2009-10-24 Thread rosspipes
For information to folk who may have thought that the 'Ray' you mention was Sloan it was in fact my wife Ray Fisher the singer who took up the post of Secretary of the NPS.in the early days : the 'Mrs Roff' of Ian's Route to Piping. This all shows how we all refer back to certain individuals as

[NSP] Re: An enquiry - Pallister family of Cambo - 3 xi 2009

2009-11-04 Thread rosspipes
Jimmy was a farrier who fixed machinery not just horse shoes. I played fiddle with him on one or two occasions in the snug at the Bird in Bush in Elsdon. He was a neighbour of Ned Pearson, the fiddler, who I remember coming out to play the Morpeth Rant at his garden gate when the Monkseaton

[NSP] Re: musette

2009-12-11 Thread rosspipes
Hi Phlip, The recital was fine and I think the tuning that Francis was complaing about was due to the last pieces being played in the tonic minor where the tuning can go off unless mean tuning has been attempted on the chanter. The final groans were possibly meant to be a humorous indication

[NSP] Re: NSP oil for pipes and key pads

2010-01-14 Thread rosspipes
I found that the liquid paraffin was the best despite what some folk have said who probably did not clean off any old oil that had been used previously. LP does not go sticky. Test oils by putting a drop of oil on a brass strip and leaving out for some time to see what happens over time to the

[NSP] Re: bag shape

2010-01-29 Thread rosspipes
The bags that Jackie makes are based on my sending him the shape of Burleigh bags which by the 1960's had proved to a good practical shape and size i.e. 21 in length, 9 deep with the bag approx. 12x9 with the neck curving up steeply to avoid pressing against the left arm or wrist. I make the

[NSP] Re: blowpipe

2010-01-29 Thread rosspipes
Dear Tim, You clearly show your ignorance in these matters which is not a criticism but just shows the continuing problem of new folk coming into piping who have not sought advice from experienced players and pipemakers like myself. I could have explained all this to you if you had tried not

[NSP] Re: Mr. Bewick, Rats and Inverted Bags

2010-01-30 Thread rosspipes
Been there ,done that. Colin R -Original Message- From: Richard York rich...@lizards.force9.co.uk To: Dartmouth nsp list N.P.S. site nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 9:35 Subject: [NSP] Re: Mr. Bewick, Rats and Inverted Bags Wow!  And quite apart from an illustration of an

[NSP] Re: Pipemaking thread from NPS group

2010-02-02 Thread rosspipes
I have always given advice on pipemaking matters freely since and before I turned professional in 1978. You can give advice as much as you like but that does not mean that makes any one a better pipemaker as that depends on the individuals skill, aesthetic and business ability whether they

[NSP] Re: Pipemaking query

2010-02-02 Thread rosspipes
This method was used in my Pipemaking class for milling out slots for the keys although I now use a router in the tool post for my own work. Coliun R -Original Message- From: Bob Salter bob.sal...@blueyonder.co.uk To: nsp@cs.dartmouth.edu Sent: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 18:31 Subject: [NSP]