2010-06-03 Thread Raymond Orr
I know everyone has seen the news, do we keep Doyle and SEB and vokes and. I really hope he is worth it and not a one season wonder, the big question is can he shine in a better team or is ' he another waste of cash?. Have we started to rid of any other dead weight ie: hoff??

Re: [NSWolves]

2010-06-03 Thread Raymond Orr
we finally got fletcher and I know it is a miracle On Fri, Jun 4, 2010 at 10:22 AM, Steven Millward millward@gmail.comwrote: Have I missed something? What's happened? On 4 June 2010 06:34, Raymond Orr ror...@gmail.com wrote: I know everyone has seen the news, do we keep Doyle and SEB

[NSWolves] who this time???????

2010-04-25 Thread Raymond Orr
Now to start the transfer rumours... Who are we going to buy and sho are we going to sell -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid Subscription settings: http://groups.google.com/group/nswolves/subscribe?hl=en

Re: [NSWolves]

2010-04-24 Thread Raymond Orr
I have this sneeking suspicion that Milijas has upset MM, it is a fairly crappy game to tell you the truth. We are going back to the way we played earlier in the season. I am kinda wondering why I am watching this dribble as I have to march in the sydney parade a bit later UTW On Sun, Apr 25,

Re: [NSWolves] We haven't strung 3 passes together.

2010-04-24 Thread Raymond Orr
HELL YER Seb I take it all back lol (not really go get another and it will be forgiven) I think they have to play Milijas on a more regular basis as he has shown touchs of quality UTW On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 1:33 AM, Marcus Chantry marcus.chan...@macquarie.com wrote: The information

[NSWolves] tomorrows game

2010-04-09 Thread Raymond Orr
If we win tomorrow and the other results go our way it is pretty much over, best result for us tonight is 1-1 burnley, hull game. And hopefully we will get Hunt nice and cheap and have the last laugh with hull -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid To unsubscribe, reply using remove me

[NSWolves] what a wa.k

2010-04-03 Thread Raymond Orr
what a complete crock of shit, the joy of being a big team, there is no way that was a straight red and even the commentators were shocked. Who wants to take bets on the fact that MM will get fined for critising, the ref during the week. -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid To

Re: [NSWolves] WTF?

2010-03-27 Thread Raymond Orr
Not bloody happy who gives a shit about WH and Stoke, do they wiew us as safe so it is no longer considered important, what a bunch of tools, and Hull just have a penalty, bugger they just scored Come on Fulham On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 2:10 AM, Andy swamp...@tpg.com.au wrote: left a bloody good

[NSWolves] can we start to believe

2010-03-21 Thread Raymond Orr
Do we start to believe if we win on Wednesday morning, I still think MM has been a bit of a stubborn git by sticking with his favorites, the Serb must of said something to be frozen out so bad -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid To unsubscribe from this group, send email to

Re: [NSWolves] Oh No [sec=unclassified]

2010-02-27 Thread Raymond Orr
Has Mick finally lost it ? Why has he brought on SEB, 20 min to go 1-0 down and he has put on a guy who cant buy a goal ( I hope I am wrong) There has been very little creativity from the middle, do they know which goal is ours?? On Sun, Feb 28, 2010 at 2:51 AM, paul

Re: [NSWolves] GET IN THERE!!

2010-02-10 Thread Raymond Orr
I take it all back ...please forgive me On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Marcus Chantry marcus.chan...@macquarie.com wrote: DOUBLE OVER SPURS NOT BAD AT ALL. The information contained in this email is confidential. If you are not the intended recipient, you may not disclose or use the

[NSWolves] loan Window

2010-02-09 Thread Raymond Orr
So with the loan window opening are we by some miracle are we going to get anyone? does anyone else think that MM might have got the 2 windows mixed up as he loaned players in the transfer window, by any chance is he going to try to buy players in this loan window? mind u are there any unknown

[NSWolves] Rubbish

2010-02-07 Thread Raymond Orr
What are the odds that MM is going to keep his job after this latest bit of CRAP?? -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

[NSWolves] the team

2010-02-07 Thread Raymond Orr
Why is they not playing players like Milijas as I feel that we are far too defensive If u play him and one of the new boys we would be alot more attacking Macienne seems to give the ball away far too easily Marcus had another good game just a little flappy at one stage, alot more commanding than

[NSWolves] What the ???

2010-01-25 Thread Raymond Orr
What is the go with wolves signing Belgium club players atm, are there not any decent players for a reasonable price left in England -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid


2010-01-20 Thread Raymond Orr
I just have a question that someone be able to help me with According to rumours we are one of the better of clubs financially so how come all of these so called *Poor* teams as Hulll are still looking at bringing in more players and we sit relatively quiet on the transfer market with only 4 or 5

[NSWolves] shite shite shite

2010-01-16 Thread Raymond Orr
SEB HAS GOT TO GO how did he miss that goal and now we have just gone behind, Marcus has been a good buy, I dont care what any1 else says -- Pig's pudding - it's a mon's dinner aer kid

Re: [NSWolves] What aload of rubbish

2009-12-26 Thread Raymond Orr
I would have hate to have seen the score if we were playing Man u or Chelski or Arsnic and we had 10 men, Raymond Orr wrote: I am sitting here watching the liverpool game and have just seen the sending off and what a joke, how easy did the pool player go down

[NSWolves] Re: [NSWolves]

2009-10-03 Thread Raymond Orr
Elokobi needs to go On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 1:51 AM, Marcus Chantry marcus.chan...@macquarie.com wrote: It's one thing to have a few penalty decisions go against us but the quality of our play has been mainly shite. No quality to speak of except for a few moments from Doyle. We are going

[NSWolves] Re: ATTENTION - Perth Trip

2009-04-03 Thread Raymond Orr
hi marcus i am on course until the 17th of july but if they are going to have supporters days after that i am very interested thanks raymond orr On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 2:36 PM, Marcus Chantry marcus.chan...@macquarie.com wrote: Ok, I have just spoken to Perth Glory and have been given