Re: [NTG-context] factor=fit images don't fit

2007-07-20 Thread Giuseppe Bilotta
Friday, July 20, 2007 Giuseppe Bilotta wrote: Hello all, I have to place a number of images into some given-size frames in a layer. The images should be scaled proportionally to fit into the frame. The code I'm working with is: \defineframed[framedimg][ frame=on,framecolor=elux,

[NTG-context] TABLE problems

2007-07-20 Thread Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini
Hallo, I have two problems/questions with the following tables: 1. Should'nt all the columns be .2\textwidth, as in the last table? 2. Why expands column width to \textwidth in the second table? Has to do with \type{} and/or color! 3. Why behaves table 1 (with \type{}) as table 3 (whitout

[NTG-context] makempy (pstoedit - gs) hangs

2007-07-20 Thread Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini
Hallo, the following code let ghostscript fail. What is wrong her? Wolfgang \setupcolors [state=start] \starttext \useMPlibrary[txt] \startlinecorrection \TightText{\ss\bf 123}{0cm}{3cm}{red} \stoplinecorrection \stoptext % %ConTeXt ver: 2007.07.03 19:38 MKII %pstoedit: version 3.44 / DLL

[NTG-context] \type{__}

2007-07-20 Thread Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini
Hmm, two leading underscores in titles are not allowed? Wolfgang \starttext \section{The \type{_\_problem} is} Here the \type{__problem} is not. \stoptext ___ If your question is of interest to others as well,