[NTG-context] Page number on 'chapter' pages

2007-02-01 Thread Confused Scientist
Hi all, I'm using ConTeXt to layout my phd thesis and I need to follow some rather strict rules. One of these is that every page must be numbered. I'm having some trouble adding numbers to the page where the chapter starts and the preceding page (where I place a famous quotation). Below are

Re: [NTG-context] Conflict with chapter definition and header

2006-08-03 Thread Confused Scientist
Thanks Taco.This is certainly closer to what I'm trying to do, but I still have a problem with the chapter names missing from the header of every odd/left page. Below is how I setup the headers:\setupheadertexts [] % even left [section] % even right [chapter] % odd left [] % odd rightAny

[NTG-context] Natural Tables with verbatim text

2006-08-03 Thread Confused Scientist
HelloIs it possible to use \type{} in a natural table cell? The example below seems to generate an error for me.Thanks!% example\starttextThis is a quick \type{test_run} of the problem. \bTABLE \bTR \bTD first \eTD\bTD {\bf alpha} \eTD\bTD one \eTD\eTR \bTR \bTD {\em second} \eTD\bTD beta \eTD\bTD

[NTG-context] Specify the part/chapter number

2006-08-03 Thread Confused Scientist
Hello,I'm working on a project with a few other people and we are each responsible for writing a single chapter/component of a larger document. I am, for example, responsible for chapters 2 and 6. Unfortunately, when I run pdftex on my component, the chapter number always begins from 1 which means

[NTG-context] Conflict with chapter definition and header

2006-07-19 Thread Confused Scientist
Hello,I'm trying to put together a couple of examples I found in the ConTeXt manual, the wiki and the maling list archive. Unfortunately, I've broken my headers/footers in the process. What I am trying to do is have a double-sided layout where (at the beginning of each chapter) a famous quote is