Re: [NTG-context] Page number on 'chapter' pages

2007-02-05 Thread Dave
\startsetups [chapter:before] \page[left] \noheaderandfooterlines \vbox to 35mm{} \vbox{\blank \startalignment[left,nothyphenated] \noindent \setups[chapter:quote] \stopalignment} \resetsetups[quote:text] \page[right] \noheaderandfooterlines \stopsetups The problem

[NTG-context] Page number on 'chapter' pages

2007-02-01 Thread Confused Scientist
Hi all, I'm using ConTeXt to layout my phd thesis and I need to follow some rather strict rules. One of these is that every page must be numbered. I'm having some trouble adding numbers to the page where the chapter starts and the preceding page (where I place a famous quotation). Below are