Re: Re[4]: [NTG-context] Insufficient symbol fonts error

2005-10-31 Thread Alan Bowen
Giuseppe— Thanks for the tip about \high. That works (and looks cleaner in the source file too). But \grk{\overbar{\grk{kj}} Kull'hnhc d\high{\tfx\grk{ou}} med'eonta ka`i Arkad'ihc polum'hlou} still chokes on \overbar and returns the “insufficient symbol fonts” error. Alan On Oct

Re[4]: [NTG-context] Insufficient symbol fonts error

2005-10-30 Thread Giuseppe Bilotta
Sunday, October 30, 2005 Alan Bowen wrote: Giuseppe— Actually, it can happen with a very short document too: \starttext \grk{\overbar{\grk{kj}} Kull'hnhc d$^{\hbox{\tfx\grk{ou}}}$ med'eonta ka`i Arkad'ihc polum'hlou} \stoptext will produce the ! Math formula deleted: