Re: [NTG-context] Table of contents and List of figures

2006-05-01 Thread WN
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Sun, 30 Apr 2006 19:13:34 +0200, WN [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Question 1) : In my document I am using \setupcombinedlist[content][alternative=c,aligntitle=no,width=4em] and now I want to use the same layout for the list of figures but there is not

Re: [NTG-context] Table of contents and List of figures

2006-05-01 Thread nico
On Mon, 01 May 2006 13:07:08 +0200, WN [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Both your solutions work, great !! Thanks BTW One question, as I am still learning Context (simple user), but where did you find these options for \completecontent ? I could not find it in the manuals, Wiki and this mailing

Re: [NTG-context] Part head centering and empty header

2006-05-01 Thread Johannes Graumann
John R. Culleton wrote: I would take a different approach, with each part header (there can't be that many) enclosed in \startstandardmakeup and \stopstandardmakeup To get the part into the TOC there is a command to write an entry manually, with \writetolist. Thanks a lot for this

[NTG-context] Float caption feature request

2006-05-01 Thread Johannes Graumann
Hello, In LaTeX (don't remember whether this is generic or specific to one of the packages I used to use), the 'caption' command for floats came along this way: \caption[optional short version]{Caption} If one uses the 'optional short version' bit, the Table of Figures/Tables present the short

[NTG-context] Fat lines in tables?

2006-05-01 Thread Robert Engelhardt
Hello, how can I create lines with different widths using the \DL command as I do with \HL[factor] oder \VL[factor]? With \DL the factor is interpreted as a number of columns, not as a multiple of the default linewidth. So how to make thick lines in that case? Thanks and regards, Robert

[NTG-context] lb bar/Unicode 2114 symbol

2006-05-01 Thread Johannes Graumann
Hello, I'm using the following encoding commands \usetypescript[modern-base][texnansi] \setupbodyfont[12pt,modern] and was wondering whether someone knows an elegant way to get the pound sign 'lb bar' (unicode #2114, html #8468;). My current hack looks like this: \def\lbbar% {%

[NTG-context] Synonyms and XML - HOWTO?

2006-05-01 Thread Johannes Graumann
Hello, I'm trying to get the following to work: \definesynonyms[abbreviation][abbreviations][\infull] \defineXMLargument [abbrev] [short=,full=] {\expanded{\abbreviation{\XMLop{short}}{\XMLop{full \defineXMLargument [abbreviations] {\completelistofabbreviations} \starttext

[NTG-context] Duplicate names in figure libraries

2006-05-01 Thread David Arnold
Hans et al, I have two figure libraries, figlibSection1.xml and figlibSection2.xml. In the first, I have: figure filesec1rat1.png/file labelrat1/label copyrightCollege of the Redwoods Mathematics Department/copyright comment/comment /figure In the second, I have: figure