Re: [NTG-context] How do I compile a "flat" pdf?

2016-10-08 Thread Alan Braslau
Also pdftk But, it is naive to believe that a pdf can be "protected" from copying or extracting, isn't it? Alan > On Oct 7, 2016, at 09:08, Hans Hagen wrote: > > On 10/7/2016 4:50 PM, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote: > >> The only way to "protect" contents from editing are the

Re: [NTG-context] Access ConTeXt dimensions in Lua

2016-10-08 Thread Henning Hraban Ramm
> \startluacode > io.savedata("settings.txt", context("\\textwidth")) > \stopluacode Found it myself: number.todimen(tex.dimen.textwidth) Sorry for the noise. But now I need the current font name, even better the current values for rm, ss and tt fonts. I found p.123 of cld-mkiv.pdf, but don’t

[NTG-context] Access ConTeXt dimensions in Lua

2016-10-08 Thread Henning Hraban Ramm
Hi all, I’m trying to write some dimensions to a file, e.g. \startluacode io.savedata("settings.txt", context("\\textwidth")) \stopluacode But that context() construct is nil. There’s probably a simple solution... ;) Greetlings, Hraban ---

Re: [NTG-context] mathmatrix and grid

2016-10-08 Thread Henri Menke
Bump On 09/30/2016 11:01 PM, Henri Menke wrote: > Dear list, > > I noticed that when using grid=both then the height of a mathmatrix is > rounded down for no apparent reason whereas the depth is rounded up > correctly. Visually it appears to me that the height should be rounded up > here.

Re: [NTG-context] Recommendations on presentations

2016-10-08 Thread Jan U. Hasecke
Am 07.10.2016 um 17:43 schrieb Aditya Mahajan: > It is instructive to step through the git commits to understand the code > better. One way to do so is: > > > What a cool way of teaching stuff!