RE: [NTG-context] Marginal notes in two-column setup

2003-07-24 Thread Héctor M. Monacci
It was excesive for me! Héctor -Mensaje original- De: Willi Egger [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Enviado el: martes 22 de julio de 2003 14:28 Para: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Asunto: Re: [NTG-context] Marginal notes in two-column setup Hi Gerben, Hm, was looking for the file at the pragma

Re: [NTG-context] \setuparranging 3SIDE

2003-07-24 Thread Nigel King
Willi, I had a go at this and found two things that I do not understand; \setuplayout[page] [topspace=5mm,backspace=5mm] Did not adjust anything until the [page] was removed and then the incorporated page seems to adjust appropriately. I do not understand the significance of [page] in this

[NTG-context] Re: \setuparranging 3SIDE

2003-07-24 Thread Patrick Gundlach
Hello Nigel, \setuplayout[page] [topspace=5mm,backspace=5mm] well, the command \setuplayout is \setuplayout[...,...=...,...] width dimension fit middle height dimension fit middle backspace dimension topspace dimension margin

[NTG-context] Uploading large file....

2003-07-24 Thread Willi Egger
I would like to appologize to have posted the manual to the list. - I realized this mistake after I pressed the send button. Hereafter I got also a mail from the 'mailman' that the message was held for release by the administrator. - I hoped then, that he would cancel my message! Willi

Re: [NTG-context] launch programs from pdf

2003-07-24 Thread Hans Hagen
At 18:14 24/07/2003 +0200, you wrote: Hi, can somebody tell me how to 1. launch external programs using a link in a pdf file, 2. include literal pdf. This has surely been discussed before, but I'm unable to find it. 1. goto {...} [program(...)] 2, \PDFcode{...}