[NTG-context] postscript math font ?

2003-10-05 Thread Gary Pajer
I'm relatively new at ConTeXt, and have been avoiding all issues related to fonts ... till now. I've struggled with the manuals, some source code, the list archives, and google, but I have to cry uncle. I have a MikTeX installation. (would I be better off with TeXLive?) I can use postscipt

Re: [NTG-context] texshow

2003-10-05 Thread Henning Hraban Ramm
Am Samstag, 04.10.03, um 09:42 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Steffen Wolfrum: BTW: On MacOS X one can use texshow only with X11 (there's no Perl/Tk for Aqua). Is there a way to increase font size? It's unreadable small (only on X11/OSX, Win and Lin are ok). I guess there's some standard X11

[NTG-context] The smallest instalation for work with ConTeXt and MetaFun (TeXLive8) ?

2003-10-05 Thread ^Nitram^
Hi, Anybody has an experience with TeXLive (8 or 7) - what is the smallest installation type for working with ConTeXt and (absolutely necessary) MetaFun - I tried 'generic basic' and 'generic recommended' but I can't make MP graphics - I have a problem with it again ;( Of course 'full'