[NTG-context] m-cweb.tex tolerances and penalties

2003-10-13 Thread Edwin Wisse
Hello, I've used the m-cweb module to put a weaved program source in a document. I noticed that this results in an awful lot of overful boxes. Anyone with similar experiences? What can I do about it? Regards, Edwin ___ ntg-context mailing list [EMAIL

[NTG-context] Visual creators for ConTeXt

2003-10-13 Thread ^Nitram^
Hi, I promised link to creators for ConTeXt ;) http://www.im.ps.pl/context/?en (and http://www.im.ps.pl/context/ for polish users) But - please note - there is early pre-beta version ;) I will work to increase functionality and performance of this. It works in IE6 (tested) and Gecko engine

[NTG-context] TeX Live 2003 miseries.

2003-10-13 Thread John Culleton
I installed the latest version of TeXLive 2003 (the so-called demo version) and did the fmtutil and texhash bit. When I ran a job for a customer, texexec hung up at the point where a graphic was being loaded. So I went back to last year's texlive in a terrible hurry. That worked fine.