[NTG-context] unwanted pagebreak

2004-02-22 Thread R. Ermers
Dear Contex'ers, Does anyone know how I can prevent the occurrence of a pagebreak after: \section, \subsection, ... (followed by \startitemize) \head (in an itemization) I do not want to have to check all the section headings and put \page[no] before the heading. Kind regards, Robert

[NTG-context] alignment of marginal material

2004-02-22 Thread Jonathan Nicholl
I am trying to write a macro which places a picture in the margin. I would like the centre of the picture to be aligned vertically with the centre of the paragraph in which I call the macro. The following works in simple cases: \def\hazard#1{%The argument is the text of the paragraph

[NTG-context] boldsymbol workaround

2004-02-22 Thread David Munger
Hi all, I've just found a little workaround for using boldsymbols. It works even with the nath module. It's probably not the best way of doing it, but since it does the trick for me, I guess it might useful to other ConTeXters. Here it is: \define[1]\boldsymbol{{\hbox{\formula{\bfm #1

ReĀ : [NTG-context] boldsymbol workaround

2004-02-22 Thread David Munger
\define[1]\boldsymbol{{\hbox{\formula{\bfm #1 When using nath, it doesn't work with inline formulas. So in that case, better use \unprotect [EMAIL PROTECTED] \bfm #1 [EMAIL PROTECTED] \protect ___ ntg-context mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]