[NTG-context] Re: pdfTeX questions

2004-06-17 Thread Patrick Gundlach
Hi out there, It seems, that there is no key named keywords ? it's 'keyword' (e.g. keyword={a,b,c}) for patrick (added to setupb/setupinteraction): \variable[\c!trefwoord][\c!text!][] Thanks. I have added this in texshow-web[1] now. Anybody can change the definition now by editing

[NTG-context] Re: pagination problem with \startitemize[columns]

2004-06-17 Thread Nikolai Weibull
* Hans Hagen [EMAIL PROTECTED] [Jun 14, 2004 11:40]: i posted a fix for that: yeah, i updated page-mul.tex. this should go into cont=new.tex Aha! OK, sorry...now it works, nikolai -- ::: name: Nikolai Weibull:: aliases: pcp / lone-star / aka ::: ::: born: Chicago, IL USA::

[NTG-context] Can \note repeat its footnote?

2004-06-17 Thread Stefan Wachter
Hi all! The \note[xxx] command is used to reference a previously defined footnote. Is it possible that the previously defined footnote is repeated if a page break had occured between the \footnote[xxx]{bla bla bla} and the corresponding \note[xxx] command? Thanks for your attention, --Stefan