[NTG-context] baseline alignment

2004-07-22 Thread Vit Zyka
Hallo, for text positioning in a layer I needed alignment to baseline. I do not known if I missed something but I did not find it in the current ConTeXt. So I did that. Baseline is choosen by capital 'B' in the position parameter. ('B' is adopted from grahicx LaTeX/plain package.) Also I add

[NTG-context] \definelinefield

2004-07-22 Thread Vit Zyka
Hallo Hans, according to widget manual and logic of the rest fields I think that definition of \definelinefield (in core-fld.tex) should be \def\definelinefield#1#2#3#4#5% {\setfield{#1}{#2}{}{}{\@@DriverFieldKids}{#3}{\@@DriverFieldMode\@@DriverFieldFree\@@DriverFieldAuto}{}{#5}} instead of

[NTG-context] Understanding registers command

2004-07-22 Thread Salman Khilji
From the BM, I copied the following and created a file named junk.tex. \starttext \defineregister[street][streets] \street{Ridderstraat} \placestreets \stoptext However, texexec gives me the following: ! Undefined control sequence. recently read \placestreets l.4 \placestreets ?