Re: [NTG-context] Presentation

2005-08-07 Thread Taco Hoekwater
piskala upendran wrote: hello valle, I did test your example. It complained as you said. however, it works ok under miktex + winedt with the following changes. a. remove the small square in front of the \usemodule[pre-08]. b. \input reich changed to knuth because \citaat of reich is not

Re: [NTG-context] style in registers

2005-08-07 Thread Taco Hoekwater
Vit Zyka wrote: Good evening, I have opened another topic. Why both Hans's page numbers are bold? Because Hans is much bolder than i am ;-) Looks like this is on purpose, but I don't understand why. Taco ___ ntg-context mailing list

[NTG-context] encodings for Antiqwa

2005-08-07 Thread Mojca Miklavec
Hello, In the following example \Scaron and \Zcaron are taken from the font, while \Ccaron is constructed using C and caron (the difference is clearly seen in the result as Ccaron is originally composed using C and Caron; caron and Caron are different in Antiqwa). I understand that this is

[NTG-context] Clipping a path to a boundary

2005-08-07 Thread David Arnold
All, I'm looking for a new idea for something I need to do. I typically create a path on a domain [-5,5] as follows, a arbitrary. Then I randomly reflect the path about and axis, a line, or maybe rotate it. The result is that parts of the path may lie outside a bounding window. % define

[NTG-context] Font size in FLOWchart module.

2005-08-07 Thread John R. Culleton
I am using the flowchart module to create various goodies. What I don't know how to do is regulate the size of the font for the text that goes inside the little boxes. Any suggestions? - John Culleton Books with answers to marketing and publishing questions:

Re: [NTG-context] Clipping a path to a boundary

2005-08-07 Thread David Arnold
Hans, I tried: % redraw line path q; q:=pathpart pic; drawdblarrow q withcolor blue; But it drew the clipping path. I wanted the part of the path inside the clipping path. Am I missing something in your directions? On Aug 7, 2005, at 2:56 PM, Hans Hagen wrote: David Arnold wrote: This

[NTG-context] Clipping a path to a boundary --- Being more specific

2005-08-07 Thread David Arnold
Hans et al, Let me try to be more specific. Here is a file which is very typical of the way I draw graphs for my mathematics classes. When you compile, you will see the graph of the absolute value of x-1. That is, it draws the graph of y=|x-1|, but only after clipping it to the cpath. What I