Re: [NTG-context] \bigr bracket missing in antykwa

2006-04-15 Thread Mojca Miklavec
Hans Hagen wrote: Mojca Miklavec wrote: On 4/14/06, Hans Hagen wrote: Aditya Mahajan wrote: Hi, \bigr\} does not give me anything while using antykwa fonts. \big\} also does not work. \right\} works correctly. Is there something missing in the typescripts? I have no idea on how

Re: [NTG-context] Chapter-wise bibliographies and multi-chapter citations

2006-04-15 Thread Johannes Graumann
First of May. This is a real problem then ... Taco, I can't expect you to fix this ... but the info I need is: do you want to do this and if yes: what's a reasonable time frame. Will help me to decide whether to return to LaTeX immediately ... Thanks for your great work! Joh Taco Hoekwater