Re: [NTG-context] Arial and Vietnamese

2006-07-16 Thread VnPenguin
On 7/15/06, Mojca Miklavec [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 How can I use Arial/Helvetica  Vietnamese? Which fonts do I need to download?

VnTeX has support for MS Core fonts. I have used it successfully
before in ConTeXt.

Vietnamese Open Source Software Community
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[NTG-context] sometxt vs textext behaving different

2006-07-16 Thread Hans van der Meer
Metapost problem: It seems that sometxt and textext behave different.This is my macro:% Label with text and centerpositionvardef [EMAIL PROTECTED](expr labeltext, pos) = 	save pic; picture pic;	if picture labeltext:		pic := labeltext;	else:		if labeltext = "":			pic := nullpicture;		else:			% prevent wobbling of text boxes with uneven depth% TEXTEXT line:			pic := textext("\setbox0=\hbox{"labeltext"}\dp0=0pt\box0");			% since ConTeXt 14-7-2006 textext = sometxt% SOMETXT line:			%pic := sometxt("\setbox0=\hbox{"labeltext"}\dp0=0pt\box0");		fi	fi		% calculate labelshift from suffix	save shift; pair shift;	shift = ((penX/2 + labeloffset) * xpart [EMAIL PROTECTED],(penY/2 + labeloffset) * ypart [EMAIL PROTECTED])- ([EMAIL PROTECTED] * lrcorner pic + [EMAIL PROTECTED] * ulcorner pic+ (1 - [EMAIL PROTECTED] - [EMAIL PROTECTED]) * llcorner pic);	% deliver picture shifted in position	pic shifted (pos + shift)enddef;With textext enabled it just works as I intend.With sometxt enabled I get: unknown picture pic sometxt! Equation cannot be performed (unknown picture=numeric).to be read again                    (theLabel-...":pic:=nullpicture;else:pic:=sometxt(                                                  "\setbox0=\hbox{"(EXPR3)...l.211 Label("TEXTEXT", (w/2,h/2))                                  withcolor red;Thus while textext delivers a picture sometxt does not. This seems strange, because I understood that sometxt was meant as a dropin replacement for textext (except for MP loops, as Hans Hagen mentioned in a previous email).Is this correct or do I have to make more changes to switch over from textext to sometxt? Hans van der Meer ___
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[NTG-context] linecorrection

2006-07-16 Thread David Arnold

I've been using this construct a lot.


My thinking was that it put a blank before and after, but now I am  
not sure.

Am I missing something?

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Re: [NTG-context] prevent hyphenation (flush left)

2006-07-16 Thread Mojca Miklavec
On 7/16/06, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
 On Sun, 16 Jul 2006, Mojca Miklavec wrote:

  I urgently need to have my \framed texts left-justified (no
  hyphenation and nothing may go over the right border)

 Hi Mojca,

 Does this do what you want?

{\input knuth \endgraf}

Hello, Aditya!

I'm replying a bit late, but this tip saved my life today! (I
replaced leftflushed with flushleft) I guessed that it was probably
because each box sets its own hyphenations, aliggnment and such, but I
didn't know how to control this.

It still doesn't do exactly what I wanted: some words extend beyond
the frame boundary, but I was faking a bit by setting the frame to
some smaller size and it still came out OK.

Thank you very very much again! (I spent hours trying to fix that and
some other seemingly minor issues.)


Is there any chance that the interface would be documented in
cont-en.xml? I have no idea which options are available, but those are
not described yet.
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