Re: [NTG-context] page-break after \section

2007-04-10 Thread Aditya Mahajan
On Tue, 20 Mar 2007, Peter M√ľnster wrote: Hello, in the following example, there is a page-break after the second section title. \page[no] does not help. Is this normal or a bug? \starttext \section{bla} \dorecurse{36}{bla\par} \section{bla} \page[no] \startitemize

Re: [NTG-context] \setupbodyfont vs. \switchtotypeface

2007-04-10 Thread Aditya Mahajan
On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Vyatcheslav Yatskovsky wrote: Hello, What is better to use given the code below? \setupbodyfont or \switchtotypeface? Both produce the same result but in the second case my pdf file is twice bigger.. In general, \setupbodyfont is for global font setup while

Re: [NTG-context] Math symbols in Gentium

2007-04-10 Thread Aditya Mahajan
On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, Kumar Appaiah wrote: Dear ConTeXt users, I have found Gentium to be a nice free alternative font for my documents. I was wondering why the Greek symbols don't get used in documents which use Gentium. They sem to use the same cmr fonts for the math parts. Is it expected

Re: [NTG-context] xetext-pdftex differences

2007-04-10 Thread Mojca Miklavec
On 4/8/07, Steffen Wolfrum wrote: Hi, as there are some on this list working/playing with xetex/context: Where do I go when I experience differences between context/pdftext and context/xetex? What do you mean? For example with context/xetex I get ... ! Undefined control sequence.

[NTG-context] \pdfannot and \tooltip won't work with Chinese characters

2007-04-10 Thread Zhichu Chen
Hi everybody, Since \inmargin won't break through pages and I've tried everything but still can't make it, I bended. Now I want to comment some words with \pdfannot. It seems that this command don't support Chinese very well, the annotations appeared like lookaheaduchar 73 and something. Then I