Re: [NTG-context] Multiple pleas for help (long)

2010-06-20 Thread Wolfgang Schuster
Am 07.06.10 02:03, schrieb Scott Steele: In Latex, \fancybreak was part of a package called, I believe, fancyheader or fancypage. It produced a break frequently seen in published prose (I'm currently reading {\em Bluebeard} where Kurt Vonnegut uses it liberally) with

[NTG-context] blurred shadow on images?

2010-06-20 Thread Henning Hraban Ramm
I'd like to place some plain photos rotated (say 12°) and with a blurred shadow above some colored elements, i.e. the shadow must use transparency. I guess I could get such using ImageMagick, but is there a possibility using ConTeXt or one of its favourite friends? I'd prefer a solution

[NTG-context] \writetolist fails in footnotes when interaction is on

2010-06-20 Thread Michael Saunders
\setupinteraction[state=start,color=,contrastcolor=,option=fit] \definelabel[demonum][text=,before=,after=,way=bytext] \definelist[demos] \setuplist[demos][interaction=all,alternative=b,after=] \starttext \footnote{\writetolist[demos]{\nextdemonum}{demo title}} \stoptext Is there a way