Re: [NTG-context] about Noto Sans CJK font problem

2014-09-28 Thread Jeong Dal
I updated ConTeXt standalone again and test it. The result is same as before. In the log file, it located the font but it issues the luatex error. The font version is 1.001. The only difference of the luatex which I can see is that (mine: Standalone, rev 4972) and (Luigiā€™s: TeXLive 2014, rev

[NTG-context] Influencing the vertical spacing of the table of contents? No possible?

2014-09-28 Thread Gerben Wierda
I asked this on the list a while back. Is there no answer on this one? I use \startpacked\stoppacked with some effect, but I'd like to have more finegrained control. Original question: I'm using mkii. I've got a table of contents that just places one item on the next page, which is ugly. I'd

[NTG-context] Using PSTricks

2014-09-28 Thread Herbert Voss
This example from m-pstricks.mkiv doesn't work, there is a missing file extension in m-pstricks.mkii: line 46 (macro \doifelse)is: \loadpstrickscolors{colo-rgb}} should be \loadpstrickscolors{colo-rgb.mkii}} otherwise it searches for colo-rgb.mkiv which doesn't exist. I do not understand