[NTG-context] \adaptpapersize doesn't change back

2014-11-18 Thread Pol Stra
Hello, This message is just for bug report. from wiki, the below example should switch back page 4 in portrait mode, but it doesn't. (ConTeXt ver: 2014.11.17 14:32 MKIV beta) \definepapersize[main] [A4] \definepapersize[extra][A4,landscape] \setuppapersize[main] \starttext Page 1. Portrait

[NTG-context] typeface replacement (font fallback)

2014-11-18 Thread Pablo Rodriguez
Dear list, I have a ConTeXt document that I need to compile in different Windows computers. Some computers are provided with the Gill Sans MT typeface. The rest are provided with the GillSans typeface. Only one source document should exist (it’s actually a template that merges data). The font

[NTG-context] Keep Rows together in Natural Tables

2014-11-18 Thread Neal Lester
Is there a way to keep two rows in a natural table together (on the same page)? Thanks, Neal ___ If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the Wiki! maillist : ntg-context@ntg.nl /