[NTG-context] Help with grid typesetting

2016-09-25 Thread Marcus Vinicius Mesquita
Dear list, In the MWE below, the line with \setuphead[chapter][before={\blank[3*line,force]}] disrupts the grid typesetting in the first page. What am I missing? \setuplayout[grid=yes] \showgrid \setuphead[chapter][before={\blank[3*line,force]}] \starttext \startchapter[title={Chapter}]

Re: [NTG-context] Center a framedtext

2016-09-25 Thread Wolfgang Schuster
Fabrice Couvreur 23. September 2016 um 19:46 Hello, How to make the algorithm is centered vertically and horizontally? thank you, Fabrice \defineframedtext [algorithmframe] [width=fit, background=color, backgroundcolor=lightgray,

[NTG-context] text–formula separation inside a frame

2016-09-25 Thread Florian Leupold
Dear list, I have got a problem with spacing before a formula inside a frame. The text–formula separation somehow is bigger when it occurs in a frame (see MWE below). Is there an explanation, and/or (even better) a possible fix? Thanks a lot! Florian MWE:

[NTG-context] Use \unit for value and uncertainty

2016-09-25 Thread Florian Leupold
Dear list Is it possible to use the units module (in MKIV) for value plusminus uncertainty in a way similar to the \SI command in LaTeX, like \unit{(1.59\pm2)e-19 coulomb} or \unit{1.59(2)e-19 coulomb}? Thanks and best regards, Florian signature.asc Description: Message signed with