[NTG-context] Two requests for new btx subsystem

2017-10-21 Thread Rik Kabel
Two improvement requests for the new bibliography subsystem: 1. Tag titles (and subtitles) with the language explicitly provided in the bib entry. 2. Add editor and translator to fields supported in \cite[field][tag]. An example follows. It shows that the title generated by the

Re: [NTG-context] Page printed upside down

2017-10-21 Thread Fabrice Couvreur
Hi Pablo, Sorry for the late response. I did some tests before answering to understand your explanations. - With the commands \ setuppapersize [A4, landscape] and \ setupinteractionscreen [option = landscape] and without selecting anything in Acrobat, I get the desired double-sided document -

[NTG-context] three issues with \setuptyping

2017-10-21 Thread Pablo Rodriguez
Hans, [I have reported this before the meeting, but it was wiser to wait after the meeting was over.] I have the following sample: %~ \usemodule[scite] \starttext \startTEXpage[offset=2em] \startTEX This is text. % a comment, not \comment \stopTEX \startXML This