[NTG-context] Meptapost Drawing not showing-up in Context Letter Style

2019-03-10 Thread Context NTG
I am trying to get a metapost drawing as logo added to right upper corner of a DIN B style letterhead, but it does not show up, just the letter itself. Is there anything to change to the layers for the MP toe reveal itself? Thanks, Jeroen % BEGIN MP LOGO SETUP \startuseMPgraphic{mpglogo} path

[NTG-context] inmargin attachments from notes

2019-03-10 Thread Pablo Rodriguez
Dear list, I have the following sample: \setupinteraction[state=start] \setupinteractionscreen[option=attachment] \setuppapersize[A9, landscape] \starttext \footnote{attachment\attachment [xml-mkiv.pdf] [location=inmargin]} \stoptext Using latest beta