Re: [NTG-context] Transparency (Metapost)

2019-11-30 Thread Jeong Dal
> \ Dear Fabrice, I got color and transparency using the following command in LMTX(metafun). fill p withcolor yellow withtransparency(1, .75); I hope that it helps. Best regards, Dalyoung___ If your question is

[NTG-context] Transparency (Metapost)

2019-11-30 Thread Fabrice Couvreur
Hello, I have a little trouble with the management of transparency : the colors are not respected. Thank you. Fabrice \starttext \startMPcode defaultfont := "texgyrepagella-regular*default" ; defaultscale :=0.8; color brown; brown = (0.165,0.42,0.42); path twos, threes; twos =

[NTG-context] missing files in cld-mkiv

2019-11-30 Thread Damien Thiriet
Hi, Files cld-005.pdf are missing in my version of the clm-mkiv manual. Regards, Damien Thiriet ___ If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the Wiki! maillist :