Re: [NTG-context] Movies

2008-01-18 Thread Miguel Queiros
Does anyone have any experience embedding Quicktime or other movies in Context? Either in the document itself or simply a URL that will play the movie in the the user's system player? Can anyone supply some sample code snippets? Please take a look at:

Re: [NTG-context] several questions

2006-07-30 Thread Miguel Queiros
I have some questions for you. Please help me: 1. Did you know a way to make a list of tables (natural tables \bTable \eTable)? For the Figures it is very easy: \placelist[figure][alternative=c,aligntitle=no,width=4em] but \placelist[table][alternative=c,aligntitle=no,width=4em]

Re: [NTG-context] completecontent, completeindex

2006-08-09 Thread Miguel Queiros
If you use \completecontent or \completeindex, how do you manipulate the heads of these constructs? Can I change the text of the header, Contents to Table of Contents? I'v done that using: \setupheadtext[pt][content=Índice] That will change the header, for Portuguese, notice the [pt].

Re: [NTG-context] beginners manual - Install

2005-11-23 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hi! I'm going to clean up the beginners manual (at least the source code) so i think this s a good moment to pick up the 'translation' thread So the question is: - what can go out - what should go in - what should be updated as well as: - who will participate (in translation) -

Re: [NTG-context] beginners manual - Install

2005-11-24 Thread Miguel Queiros they provide avtivepearl. It's no problem to install it. there you get ruby. They provide a link to the one click ruby installer which you will find here: there is the I'v had

Re: [NTG-context] Stand alone Context editing environment

2006-01-18 Thread Miguel Queiros Can someone explain to me what this is? If it is downloaded and unzipped, is it ready to go? Is there documentation of this particular zip? Is there an editor in this zip configured and ready to go? I'm using it. You just

[NTG-context] BIB Module + Bibtex + Cite + Uppercase and Lowercase

2006-02-01 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hello, I'm using the BIB module, and a Bibtex bib file, and I'm facing the following problem: I need to have the Bibliography generated so that the author name is typeset with uppercase so I'm using something like: @Misc{iosn:free_open_source_education, author = {Tan Wooi \uppercase{Tong}},

Re: [NTG-context] BIB Module + Bibtex + Cite + Uppercase and Lowercase

2006-02-02 Thread Miguel Queiros
Since this is a publication list issue, you should fix the publication list only, using \setuppublicationlist. For that, you have to define the callback macro that typesets the author name. Something like this, maybe [...] Yes! That solved my problem. Thank you! Miguel Queirós

[NTG-context] Two questions: Bib module and Headers

2006-02-03 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hi, I'm using Bib module and bibtex to create my bibliography. I would like to order it by author name, and I'v tried it using: \setupbibtex[database=opensource-educacao,sort=author] But didn't get the desired result. Should I be using anything else ? And now for the header question: I'm

Re: [NTG-context] Two questions: Bib module and Headers

2006-02-04 Thread Miguel Queiros
You need also: \setuppublications[sorttype=bbl] Because the default is to sort by order of appearance in \cite commands first, and only for the remaining part use the bbl ordering. Yes. That was it. I did tested it with \setuppublications[sorttype=bbl] but I didn't run bibtex again.

[NTG-context] Changing page orientation - Landscape/Portrait

2006-04-09 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hello, This might be a simple question but I didn't read anything about it on the wiki or on the mailing list archives. I would like to change the orientation of a page in a document, from landscape to portrait... Is there any command that will change the orientation of a single page ? Thank

Re: [NTG-context] Changing page orientation - Landscape/Portrait

2006-04-10 Thread Miguel Queiros
\start\startlocal \setuppapersize [A4, landscape] [A4, landscape] \stoplocal PAGE TWO \page \stop % end of local layout I'v tested your solution and it worked, but I had problems trying to get a table inside a buffer using \startbuffer etc... I removed \start and \startlocal ,

Re: [NTG-context] Changing page orientation - Landscape/Portrait

2006-04-10 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hello Peter, \start ... \stop mark the boundaries of the local (layout) setup, which is defined between \startlocal ... \stoplocal. This way you don't need to redefine your old layout after a local (one page) style change. ConTeXt returns to the prior layout automatically. So deleting them

Re: [NTG-context] Changing page orientation - Landscape/Portrait

2006-04-12 Thread Miguel Queiros
\placetable{Just an example}{\externalfigure[teste.tmp]} This is what I call 'creative usage' of a feature :) Better use \getbuffer for this. I was using \externalfigure because I saw that on the manual, and because I wanted to scale down the table to the width of the page. :) Can I do

Re: [NTG-context] Two Problems: Colored Chapter and Footnote positioning

2006-04-17 Thread Miguel Queiros
\bgroup \setuphead[chapter][color=darkblue] \chapter{Capitulo 1} \egroup or \start \setuphead[chapter][color=darkblue] \chapter{Capitulo 1} \stop I'v tried both you solutions but I still get an header on each chapter page. I even tested it with

[NTG-context] Correction to previous thread

2006-04-17 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hello, On the previous thread I sent to the list the subject was Two Problems: Colored Chapter and Footnote positioning. It should be: Two Problems: Colored Chapter and FOOTER positioning , and not footnote... soory about that. Miguel Queirós ___

Re: [NTG-context] Two Problems: Colored Chapter and Footnote positioning

2006-04-18 Thread Miguel Queiros
this is because the setupheadertext is forgotten by the time that the page is built, remove the \start/stop and it will work Thanks! It worked. As a reminder I will try to recall that as you said before on the mailing lists many commands have color options. I'v added a small example

Re: [NTG-context] Two Problems: Colored Chapter and Footnote positioning

2006-04-18 Thread Miguel Queiros
This doesn't answer your original question, but why not \setuppagenumbering[location={footer,right},style=\tfx] instead of lengthy setups? I will take a look at your sugestion. Thanks. As far as I recall page numbering isn't working with setups because I get two page numbers on every

Re: [NTG-context] Two Problems: Colored Chapter and Footnote positioning

2006-04-19 Thread Miguel Queiros
I'v tried it and I get a page number but only on one page, not all the document. Should I be taking a look at anything else to make it work an every page ? Sorry for my newbie questions... you need to set the layer each page [...] It works great. Thanks. I will be adding it to the

Re: [NTG-context] colored, marginal chapter numbers

2006-04-20 Thread Miguel Queiros
[...] Is there a recommended way of doing this? I could put blue into the \sectionnumber command, but I'd prefer to specify the color only once (the numbercolor and color specifications were an attempt at overkill). Plus I'd like to understand what's going on. I can't test it right now,

Re: [NTG-context] Fonts in ConTeXt is now available from

2011-02-28 Thread Miguel Queiros
After some delays, thankfully the book Fonts in ConTeXt is now finally available for immediate ordering. [...] Hans and I have decided that there will not be a free PDF version; ordering a hardcopy is the only way to get this book. Please note that besides receiving a useful book, you will

Re: [NTG-context] ConTeXt licensing

2011-03-01 Thread Miguel Queiros
You won't get a more official response than . . . and don’t bother discussing licence issues and related things with us for the mere sake of discussing licence stuff. If someone wants to use ConTeXt commercially I advise her to

Re: [NTG-context] Which standard installed font displays ' and ` good

2011-03-23 Thread Miguel Queiros
It's advisable to use \quote{...} or \quotation{...} for quotation marks. That way, if you do need to change them, you only do it in one place rather than throughout the document. Now why the heck aren't those commands mentioned anywhere in Context - An Excursion? I remembered seeing

[NTG-context] Context in Portuguese

2004-08-17 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hi ! I've been a Latex user for some time and I'm now trying to use Context to typeset some documents in portuguese using portuguese accentuated characters but I can't seem to get it working. Every time I use an accentuated character it simply doesn't shows up in the document. I'v read the docs

Re: [NTG-context] Context in Portuguese

2004-08-18 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hi ! I had the same problem when I started to use ConTeXt. Hans suggested I use \enableregime[mac] at the beginning of my documents. I use a Mac OSX. The same principle must apply for PCs. It might be \enableregime[win] \enableregime[mac] seems to solve the problem. I just need to add the

[NTG-context] Columnset Areas - Background Color ?

2004-08-26 Thread Miguel Queiros
Hi ! I've been trying to use columnsets with columnsetareas but I haven't been able to define a background color for the text in the columnset area. You can see the problem in the pdf I've attached (area5.pdf). I'v created a small example of the problem: area5.tex As far as I recall I've also