Re: [NTG-context] OT: Reflections on usability ConTeXt for typesetting of mathematics

2014-02-09 Thread Shree Devi Kumar
It maybe helpful for beginners if there were sample documents for mathematical typesetting (for the current version of context) that could be used as a start for their own projects. Maybe list members can contribute some for addition to the documentation wiki.

[NTG-context] Using input maps for ITRANS to devanagari with context m-iv

2013-12-23 Thread Shree Devi Kumar
Hello All, Xetex allows the use of input maps such as xetex-itrans for taking input in ITRANS transliteration and converting to devanagari . xetex-itrans package is at . Information is at I

Re: [NTG-context] Devanagari in Siddhanta font with Context m-iv

2013-12-11 Thread Shree Devi Kumar
is looking like सवार्थ with a dot on वा It may be a question of correctly stacking the components for building the vertically stacked glyph (I do not know much about font design and rendering - this is just a guess). Shree Devi Kumar भजन

[NTG-context] Devanagari in Siddhanta font with Context m-iv

2013-12-09 Thread Shree Devi Kumar
​I am converting some ITRANS documents with vedic accents to devanagari pdf files using Context. I tried both Chandas and Siddhanta fonts with it, I would prefer to use Siddhanta but in some cases the display is not coming correctly. eg. स॒र्वार्थ॑ in स॒र्व॒म॒ङ्ग॒लमा॒ङ्गल्ये॑ शि॒वे स॒र्वार्थ॑